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Drug Alcohol Treatment Center in California – Malibu Horizon is a drug rehab center in Los Angeles located in a very private setting high in the mountains above the city of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean. Alcoholism treatment or drug addiction treatment at Malibu Horizon also includes making healthy lifestyle choices like nutritious and delicious meals prepared by an on-site chef, daily exercise options consisting of gym classes, beach walks, hikes and equestrian outings and experiential activities such as massage therapy, yoga, art therapy and more. For more information, visit www.malibuhorizon.com


California Researchers Name Two Drugs that Make a Good 'First Treatment

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A group of researchers from California found acamprosate (marketed as Campral) and naltrexone (ReVia) as good first option for treating people with alcohol problems. The two drugs are commonly used in treating alcoholism, are both non-addictive, and …
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Ocotomom checks herself into rehab

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Baby-popping celebrity Octomom, aka Nadya Suleman, has crashed into a drug rehab center in California. A rep says she has been abusing Xanax pills she takes for stress—a condition we're going to guess came along somewhere between birthing 14 in …
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  • xJames Renouf x says:

    I was able to get help with my alcohol problem. All it takes is a step in the right direction. I believe anyone can do it. Call these guys 877-625-0801. It? is free to call. Sometimes you need a little help.

  • actionfamily00 says:


  • Parent144 says:

    “Dennis Larkin (the owner of SCR) is a predator who loves to take advantage of relapsing and needy women who are very vulnerable.” “he took advantage of my relapse to coerce me into having sex with him so that I could get back into treatment. I suffered from child molestation issues and he re traumatized me. I haven’t been able to stay sober for a long time and I blame a lot of my struggles on this sick individual.”

  • lueeseCreamcheese says:

    What th fuck? Th NHS/charity rehab I’m in in southern England is NOt like that…Still it is better than? jail I guess. God what I wouldn’t give for a swimming pool n a chef, tryin 2 clean up or not!

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