I Need Sober Activities to Do With a Friend?

Question by KT: I need sober activities to do with a friend?
My former bf is in rehab and is now allowed home on the weekends… havent seen him in a while and I am hoping to this weekend. If i do I obviously dont want him around alcohol or drugs but i want to make sure he has fun.

Anyone have any good ideas of what we can do?? (ew n no bowlin or werid stuff.. haha)
we live in MA some what near boston but i like to avoid downtown boston.

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Answer by catchtwenty2

Hope this helps have fun:)!

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  • houda2005 says:


  • Robin C says:

    How about a BBQ at the beach or a park, you don’t have to have alcohol to have fun. Bring frisbees or some sort of game that you can play so you aren’t just sitting around thinking about not drinking.

  • STRAWBERRY says:

    Go see a movie, walk in the park, take a ride, spend quality time together. Rent a movie, cook a meal together. Start an exercise regiment together. You have notice that”TOGETHER” is the key word in this whole message. Since you guys have not had time alone in a while, find a nice quite, comfortable spot and just sat , talk and enjoy each others company.

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