I Want to Open a Drug Rehab Center Where Do I Look to Find Out How?

Question by Ronnie: I want to open a drug rehab center where do I look to find out how?
I want to help people and work for myself the two things that I would like to do even if I wasn’t getting paid to do. I can’t find any information. Everything I get is for a person going to a rehab and I want to know how to established one.

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Answer by gentle g
I would first look through your Department of Human Resources for your State and see what it might take as far as the rules and regulations for a Rehab Center.

I would also look into the modalities of drug and rehab issues, to see what kind of qualified individuals you will need.

Also critical in your attempt is to look into outside resources — ie private or state funding.

I would look at a D&R model that you like the best, whether it deals with a 12 step approach (which I find most relevant and better results).

Some great places to ask about their program are listed below. This is just a start to your big adventure!

let me know how it all works out for you!

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