Lowering the Drinking Age I: Presentation, Part 1 of 2


Lowering the Drinking Age I: Presentation, Part 1 of 2 – Stanton participated in a distinguished panel at Manhattanville College which debated lowering the drinking age. See Stanton Peele’s website at www.peele.net Find out more about Dr. Peele’s latest book at http


Pfaff '14: Drugs shouldn't be decriminalized

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Those who argue that we should consider lowering the drinking age — myself included — point to this scenario and say that if alcohol became less of a forbidden fruit, people would tame their consumption. But illicit drugs differ from alcohol in a …
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Reading Letters: RCASA opposes Question 3

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Medical marijuana is being diverted to youth through increased supply and easy access. The 2008-2009 State Estimates of Drug Abuse show that four of the top five states, and 14 of the 18 states with the highest percentage of past month marijuana users …
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6 Responses to Lowering the Drinking Age I: Presentation, Part 1 of 2

  • Hammersley1967 says:


    Thus, sociocultural forces are a far more potent influence than familial culture…

    From this perspective, it is difficult? to see how lowering the legal drinking age can significantly affect “THE BINGE” in anyway whatsoever within ANY given nation (i.e. reduce or increase).

    This reality has been exemplified in the Australian experience…

  • Hammersley1967 says:


    “THE BINGE” is largely absent in the Mediterranean family/home environment because it doesnt exist in the greater social context in which the family/home unit exists and draws its own internal psychosocial scripts from.

    To say that the culture is relatively free of “THE BINGE” because of the family environment and lower drinking age is to ignore the? culture itself. It is to put the family/home horse before the sociocultural cart…

  • stantonpeele says:

    I don’t think lowering the drinking age will remove youthful? unhealthy and binge drinking, but more permissive drinking laws in public places set the stage for our teaching young Americans how to enjoy alcohol and to drink moderately and healthily.

  • Hammersley1967 says:


    So, why is “THE BINGE” so much less prevalent in Mediterranean cultures?

    A product of the family environment in which people “learn to drink”?

    Possible, but improbable…

    This is to? disregard the greater social context in which the family unit exists. Indeed, it disregards the entire sociocultural heritage of these nations. For instance, is it conceivable that the Islamic traditions of the Moors have left its mark on the cultural landscape of the Mediterranean?

  • Hammersley1967 says:


    I strongly suspect that this is the case for Ireland as well.

    Indeed, “THE BINGE” is mostly a cultural artifact inherited from Ireland and the? UK…

  • Hammersley1967 says:


    Take the example of Australia.

    The legal drinking age here is 18 – dropped from 21 in 1974.

    The effect of lowering the legal drinking age on the rate of binge drinking?



    No matter what the legal drinking age is in Australia (18, 21,16), and whether or not there first experiences occur in the family home setting or not,? the individual will still (more often than not) be exposed to “THE BINGE” – Australia’s general culture of intoxication…

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