Richard Dreyfuss: I Support Teachers, Unless Their Bad Teacher W/ Live Fearless Host Sam Botta


Richard Dreyfuss: I Support Teachers, Unless Their Bad Teacher w/ Live Fearless Host Sam Botta – That feeds the exhilaration more, and you can see it, the glow of the lights, you grab a spoon and it’s your microphone and you imagine the crowds crying in your song, a sky full of lighters flickering, and the chocolate stash beckons you, and the spoon finds it’s way into ice cream. You sing, and realize the chocolate and ice cream disappeared. The evidence on your wrinkled top proves it dripped as it mysteriously disappeared. The night so yummy, time passed without letting the real you know, and in a short time, the excitement of your decisions and good fortune wears off and you remember who truly loves you and the agreement… The compromise you asked for… Now Birthday plans gone, you’ve used your last chances, again you had indulged your friends need for their brand of fun, you remember your wireless phone with voice mails from when you were in another place… and you see you must have answered and said… Something, and only after you were safely home the time of the call says. It was so late (so early) before the sugar binge. The evidence of the night, the tears, the wrappers on the floor… Now suddenly it hits you, you’re further from your path and purpose and the love you put away is gone and the rest wasn’t so fun since those that you are there for need you to listen and to help attract people to them. They hear your advice and do nothing. Why would they do nothing? Because You’ve advised, but you always didn’t want to say no. So you have them – you


Edward Waters College 11th Annual Fine Arts Scholarship Benefit Concert

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In addition to Duval County, the private non-profit organization provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment services for residents of Baker, Clay, Nassau, and St. John's counties. A few of the services …
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Desperate to keep the police on side, is the Greek government overlooking

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Heavy bodily harm, extensive abuse, injury by pointed object (allegedly one of the detainees was “stubbed” with a taser, electrocuted to submission and then brutally beaten while still on the ground). The 15 people arrested two weeks ago stated that …
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