Teenage Drug Abuse: Why Adolescents Turn to Drugs


Teenage Drug Abuse: Why adolescents turn to drugs – www.eFamilyCounselor.com Davee Chandler MSW, LCSW shares the surprising reason why teens turn to drugs and what you can do to help them.


Richard Roper: Legalize pot and gamble with our kids' futures

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A National Institute for Drug Abuse study found that very few students use other illegal drugs, such as cocaine or methamphetamine, without first trying marijuana. In fact, the majority of illicit drug users start with marijuana as teenagers.
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A Place To Turn

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Etlantus has 13 years of experience, having worked with programs that focused on clients with drug and alcohol abuse problems, homeless alcoholics and runaway teens. She also worked at The … Etlantus uses a variety of therapeutic approaches …
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Beware Spice Abuse

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While you're busy putting finishing touches on the holiday meal, your teenagers and pre-teen kids might have other ideas about how to use the season's aromatic spices and other ingredients. And the results could be dangerous. "The envelope is always …
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