What Are 5 Major Problems That Jail Inmates Bring to the Instituition?

Question by Silver: what are 5 major problems that jail inmates bring to the instituition?
what can be done about them? what do you think might be alternatives to jail? which do you personally support and why?

Best answer:

Answer by Erica
In New Hampshire according to the State prison’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year of 2005, the 5 top reasons for incarcerations were:

49.4% Parole and Probation Violations
9.9% Drug related charges
8.4% Sex Offense
6.8% Traffic Violations
5.4% Aggravated Assault

For the Parole and Probation Violations issues, it would be beneficial to have better transitional programs from being incarcerated and into the community again. Many individuals have very little support getting out into society, they have no clue what to do and sometimes go back to what they know.

Another issue with parole and probation in NH, every minor issue, even if the PO hears it as a rumor, they are more than happy to send people back to prison.

For drug related offenses, I know that people in NH struggle with health insurance. Many people cannot afford insurance and cannot afford drug rehabilitation programs. Many individuals (not all) could greatly benefit from supportive services that are offered at the rehabilitation centers. If NH had a grant program available for people with low income and who need drug rehab, they could get the help they need. Drug addiction is another reaction to drugs and medications. In my opinion an addiction is a health issue and should be treated as so. However, they (the state) rather just lock people up instead of help them.

These are two of the things that I feel could help people be productive members of society again.

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