What Are the Symptoms to Dilauded Drug Addiction?

Question by sally: What are the symptoms to Dilauded drug addiction?
I’m worried about my cousin Mia. She’s currently using a drug called Dilauded. I’m not sure about what it is or what its effects are but I’m worried that she might get addicted to it because she has a history of getting too involved with her medications. What are the symptoms that I have to take note of?

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Answer by Aaron
People who are addicted to Dilaudid are prone to anorexia and has a decreased breathing rate. They often feel dizzy, sleepy and sluggish. Dilauded affects the mental and the physical aspects of its users and it also plays a great role in manipulating one’s mood. Other symptoms include vomiting and constipation. Accompany your friend to a doctor now.

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  • roncj88 says:

    cranky ness within ten hours of doing,aches pains in joints,sleeping excessively,pucking after 2 3 days,eyes rolling in head,hyperactivity.what do the pills look like if you find them

  • Kahvelisika says:

    watch out for those alcoholics.? they’re dangerous.


    if your a expert why are you separating alcohol as a? drug when its a drug ?????

  • pinkymixology says:

    on behalf of expert village, you’re recording this? next to a highway with the worst microphone ever.

  • pigjubby1 says:

    A good? sign is when the communication style changes, When the person’s tone and way of speaking changes. They just don’t seem like they normally talk.

  • Kelsey Joyce says:

    this video is horrible! Totally unprofessional, looks like? a joke.

  • hirokx says:

    I think? recognizing any addiction is hard. I was addicted to gaming as silly as it may sound. I made a video of it on my channel. haha

  • JianLong1833 says:

    What he say was? the last symptom?

  • marcmantione says:

    It’s not the? way to go booze kills more then everything and withdrales are not fun check it on google

  • espltdm251playa says:

    Ill drink? to that

  • KEl0TRvNC3 says:

    hahahahaha he is? a fibber!!!

  • tpis469 says:

    Those are the symptoms? of being drunk/hungover.

  • soundwolf6 says:

    soundwolf6the profetionals say your an alcoholic if you cant go without a drink for 48 hours!!! if your dependant you will get the shakes among other things within that time frame. i dont understand how someone can become addicted to alcohol!! god knows iv tried!! but loving and drinking? alot is differant to being an alcoholic to become one you would have to drink everyday for months on end. everyone drinks in australia!! we all must be alcohlics

  • EsheAhkura says:

    “Once the liquor dries… what remains? of the man?”

  • spikeyChampion says:

    @jimismusic24 I sincerely hope you make the decision to ask for help, there is no shame in asking for help if you honestly feel that you can’t do it on your own. When you are ready ways you can do this are to speak with a doctor, go into a treatment program or you could? contact Alcoholics Anonymous. Maybe you can fight your addiction on your own but you don’t have to, help is out there if you seek it.

  • RUInternational says:

    There is hope for the Hopeless that are struggling with addiction. Reformers Unanimous is? a faith-based addictions program. We maintain an 82% percent success rate! Check us out @Ruinternational.

  • Caroline Shaw says:

    i think he was referring to during the? day. and you really dont have to be so critical

  • CharlesL33 says:

    so if someone’s drunk, they’re automatically an alcoholic? my dad has a glass of bourbon some nights and i? smell it in his breath, he’s not an alcoholic, nor does he get drunk

  • FenixofWow says:

    your an? idiot

  • jetplane002 says:

    The last person? to always find out and admit they have a drinking problem is themselves. It’s easy to spot an alcoholic unless it’s yourself.

  • CleanAsIS says:

    First sign of obesity? and donut addiction: when your gut hangs over your belt.

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