Amy Winehouse “Rehab (Live)”


Amy Winehouse “Rehab (live)” – Amy performing her hit “Rehab” at a 2007 award show.


Parents seek naloxone to help their adult kids

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Casey's Law, which was enacted in 2004, allows a parent or loved one of an adult addict to seek a court-ordered treatment. Wright told Engel that Sizemore is on a waiting list to enter the WRAP House, which is the Women's Residential Addiction Program, …


36 Spine Surgeons Performing Artificial Disc Replacement Featured

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He also focuses on minimally invasive approaches to the treatment of spinal disorders, especially scoliosis in adults and adolescents. He is a clinical professor of … Dr. Bae is the co-director of the spine fellowship program at the Cedars-Sinai …
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18 Responses to Amy Winehouse “Rehab (Live)”

  • kim beattie says:

    Amy Jade Winehouse A true “Artist” Only Amy Sounds Like Amy, and she sounds
    different each time you hear her sing the same song. She sounds great a
    happy time before she died from accidental alcohol poisoning. Oh yah what
    about the red dress is she HOT! What a voice she plays her voice like a
    musical instrument making music with her own jazz retro hip hop sound.
    Brutally honest in her song writing lyrics, her own style of cool
    in-everything she did in her life. Her sound is addicting. RIP AJW. ?

  • dobre corina says:

    Hi hi! Have you considered – Snidate Diabetes Secret System (google it)?
    Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got cool progress
    with it. ?

  • Vim Fuego says:

    What a fantastic voice. She certainly was blessed with an amazing talent.
    Rest in peace now Amy.?

  • D Riordan says:

    Shoulda spent more TIME in REHAB.?

  • Tiara Jordan says:

    Who would dislike this??

  • Fredric Tengström says:

    just left rehab. feels good. kind o high see ye maby. donwn ther or …?

  • Aleksei Biriykov says:


  • Sergio Samarron says:

    omg… love her! she was beautiful…!?

  • Melody Landsberger says:

    I love this ??#??#?? ?

  • aulas de ingles says:

    She should have taken her family’s advice. Thus, people would be able to
    still appreciate her nice voice and talent?

  • Alejandra Perez says:

    I wish people would stop criticising about her time in rehab and appreciate
    her talent.. if she passed away it was because it was her time ..
    everything and everyone has their own time and place in the world … she
    could have been healthy and still pass away. . It was just her time.. now
    .. let her rest.?

  • jorge sanchez says:


  • Rob MacDougall says:

    #bettyford #alcoholic #treatment #jesustakethespoon?

  • Daniela Quezada Berrocal says:


  • Dan Windley says:

    talent wasted…God has Blessed spme with Gifts — abused?

  • Laura Tusi says:

    pero ella dijo no, no, no…?

  • Daniel Aquino says:

    See you!?

  • Viviana Olivera Vergara says:


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