What Are the Drugs Being Used for Substance Abuse Treatments?

Question by aiyana ss: What are the drugs being used for substance abuse treatments?
I was wondering what drugs were being used for the treatment of heroin addiction. I just got intrigued because I’ve always thought that addicts just had to get off heroin (or whatever substance it is that they’re addicted to) and that that would be enough for them to get better.

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  • bobbi nun says:

    For heroin addiction, methadone is usually used. It’s a synthetic opiate medication that blocks the effects of heroin and has been successful in treating heroin addicts. Aside from methadone, other medications being used are naloxone (this is used for cases of overdose), naltrexone, and buprenorphine. There are also some other drugs being studied by experts to determine whether they would be effective in treating heroin addiction.

  • jshaw0304 says:

    methadone and naltrexone are used for heroine addiction.

  • Sober Living says:

    Drugs are an Epidemic?

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