What Are the Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by Antoin: What Are The Causes And Effects Of Drug Addiction?
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Answer by kelleher92
Causes: Depression, Peer Pressure, Curiosity, Stress, Mental Problems

Effects: Death, long-term damage to your body, the list goes on.

There are several different types of drugs and have different effects on the body.

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It Affects Us All: One Family’s Perspective on Addiction – Drug use and its damaging effect on families and relationships – which is something the Lajeuenesse family learned firsthand.


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  • Jess says:

    abuse of drugs. there is a fine line between use and abuse of substances, some are very addictive so it is an easy line to cross. if you’re looking for the reasons why people take drugs, depression, boredom, just interest, wanting to have a good time in general, you dont have to be depressed to want them.
    dependency, it can be an expensive habit, very damaging, upsets alot of people around you. however some poeple can be addicted to something and lead a normal life, and function perfectly

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