Another Victim of Prescription Drug Abuse


Another victim of prescription drug abuse – Prescription drug abuse has become a serious problem, especially among teens and young adults. Do whatever you can to prevent your kids from misusing prescription drugs because its an incredibly difficult addiction to kick, much harder than heroin or cocaine. Learn as much as you can about how drug abuse starts, how to prevent it, and how to help a loved one suffering from addiction. Below are some websites with very good information on prescription drug abuse. Song-Mariye by Adom9 Special thanks to Adom9 for permission to use their song. To download a good quality version click the link below:


National event raises awareness of Rx drug abuse

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10, a historic and lifesaving public health initiative – The American Medicine Chest Challenge (AMCC) -will be held in communities throughout the nation to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. This initiative … Dispose of …
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Every individual has a responsibility to prevent drug abuse

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The UAE has moved to ban the illicit substance and shut down websites trying to facilitate the trade in illegal and controlled drugs. Dubai Police have made it clear … The public must support them by reporting suspected drug crimes. Article continues …


21 Responses to Another Victim of Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Greg Lepsky says:

    how could a small child get oxycontin if the doctor prescribed him that o boy what a good? doctor ay?

  • Nathan Royal says:

    going to a 2 year rehab thurs.? Been a opiaut junkie for 13 years lost my father too the needle and i am following in his footsteps. also? my 2 25 year old cousin.same way as u . recovery is not a? destination but a journey. PLS keep me and my lil brother in your thoughts

  • Intoactionrehab says:

    It is such a tragic story of young boy who could grow up with beautiful future ahead of? him and waylaid by drug prescription addiction. This is a post against addiction.

  • jfsfrnd says:

    You need to talk to your? kids when they are very young.

  • markmartin0 says:

    Oh I am so sorry! I havr seen this over and over and? knowing any day its going to happen again!

  • 39tommyboy says:

    it seems we all nowadays have lost or are losing a loved one everyday to prescription abuse. i lost my mother two years ago to liver failure do to lortab abuse. and several good friends to overdose. last year i lost a good friends son who overdosed on his 18 birthday at his grandmothers house who is a drug dealer by trade and she? gave him the pills then when he fell over she cleaned house before calling a ambulance he was already dead. sad but true. godbless.

  • 39tommyboy says:

    i help teenagers and many adults get help. first thing you do is find out about all the help centers and detox centers in youre area you can find and what it takes to get a patient in them. this way if someone approaches you for help then you can advise them to a help center to detox. the detox part of getting clean is the hardest it can take from 5 days to a month of the sick part as many call it. also suboxone doctors in youre area. write anytime.? godbless.

  • pwg1126 says:

    I lost my 22 yr old son Sean Good to an accidental overdose of his Ritalin. He was first diagnosed at 12 with ADD. The doctors never warned us about how addictive Ritalin and Adderall? all. Sean and gone through 22 days of Rehab at Memorial Herman in Houston, Tx. before they kicked him out for not buying in. Now I know the addict needs 90 days of rehab therapy to have a greater than 30% chance. Check out NIDA site for more info. I love you video, you are honoring your brother and he is paradise.

  • sweetiepieoliver says:

    i know one of the adom9? band members!

  • silviasera says:

    I’m so sorry? for your loss

  • janellscakes says:

    I’m not sure, but maybe if you go to their website they”ll have the lyrics.? There’s a link to the website if you click on the “more info” arrow above.

  • lambchop214 says:

    It’s me again! is there a way to get the lyrics to this beautiful song? it has affected me so deeply.? thank you!

  • AnAddictNoMore says:

    you inspire me giving me the strength? to do what i do to help Rx drug addicts.
    thank you!

  • AnAddictNoMore says:

    Thank you so? much! God bless!

  • janellscakes says:

    Thank you. That’s? what I hoped for. 🙂 The song is Mariye by Adom9.

  • AnAddictNoMore says:

    Anyone know the name of this song & who sings it? I have placed this video multiple times on all of my blogs that speak about prescription drug addiction. I think this young boy needs to be remembered and have his life as a testimony to save so many others. We each have a purpose and this was his. Now, he his safe and happy again? with God.

  • janellscakes says:

    I’m so sorry about your? husband. I’ll send you a message.

  • 1AmericaLove says:

    I attended my first city counsel meeting last night,? I was the ONLY citizen to question why we are not doing anything regarding the rx abuse in this town it’s ignored. They seemed in shock, they asked me to address the school board along side the Mayor, I really don’t know what I’m doing but I would love to have someone speak with me that has lost their child to this. Can you give any advice or suggestions in starting a community group? I lost my husband to abuse

  • Roderick Kohl says:

    I understand how crushing this is. She had been addicted? for a few years and finally my family decided to tell her she needed to get help or she couldn’t live with us. We thought hitting rockbottom she would realize and get help, but instead she commited suicide. Everyone has this guilt for what had happened. I really appreaciate your video, prescription drug abuse isn’t something we are used to hearing, but it tends to effect most of us somewhere.

  • melanieanngutch says:

    so sorry about your loss.. i hope that this? video reaches out to everyone especially those who dont see the problem… god bless u and your whole family..

  • RUInternational says:

    RUInternational There is hope for the Hopeless in? that there is a cure for those struggling with addiction. Reformers Unanimous is a? faith-based addictions program. We maintain an 82% percent success rate! Check us out @Ruinternational.

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