Books on How to Cook Meth Illegal?

Question by Jimmy L: Books on how to cook meth illegal?
First of all, I am a teacher living in Missouri and we have a pretty bad meth epidemic here. I teach high school kids. I would like to educate them about drugs and hopefully save some young lives from drug addiction.
My question is, is it illegal to purchase Uncle Fester’s book “Secrets of methamphetamine manufacture”? This book is available on amazon for about $ 30.
First of all, I can’t believe something like that is being sold. Would I get in trouble for buying something like that? Once again, I am 100% anti-drug and I would never get involved into something like, but I think it could be a good tool to show kids what kind of poisonous material is contained in drugs. Of course, I will not disclose the info to kids on how to cook it, but I am sure I could use some info from it to affect the decisions of kids in a positive way. I remember one time a smoker’s lung was brought in my school and that made me never want to smoke.
So is illegal or not to buy a book like that?

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