Can I Still Enter a Nursing Program if I Have DWI’s and a Drug Paraphanalia Charge (In Missouri)?

Question by oliveOIL: Can I still enter a nursing program if I have DWI’s and a drug paraphanalia charge (in Missouri)?
I have been thinking of going to college to become a nurse for some time, I have always been interested in the medical field and feel now that I am ready to dedicate my time to getting the degree to pursue a career. I was reading a pamplet about nursing school though and it said that the Nursing Board may refuse to issue licensure for use or unlawful possesion of any controlled substance, 2 years ago I was charged with possesion of drug paraphanalia, a glass marijuana pipe that was not mine but my friends in my car so we both got charged. I also was charged with a DWI when I was 18, although I was under the legal limit (i blew .05) I was not 21. When I was 22 I was charged with a second DWI. My lifestyle has changed immensly since then, I have grown up a lot and rarely even go out or drink alcohol anymore. I really want to know if I can persue this career because I would hate to do all that school and not even be able to get licensed. I live in Missouri. I am 24 now.
I know I needed to change my life, I really have changed a lot, 18-22 I was just a little wild, I am over it now though, it must have just been a phase I went through. I have scheduled to go to an information seminar on the nursing program at my local community college where I am going to ask them if I am eligible to get in. I want to know also if there is anyone else who had issues like this and still became a nurse?

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Answer by tkahrs12122
I do not see a credited nursing program accepting you. You will never survive the background check.

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  • chuck says:

    ADD: I have worked as a professional in hospitals, and I also worked in administration for a graduate nursing program. Nurses and other medical professionals can and do get into trouble, and most of them don’t lose their jobs. For instance, a nurse abusing drugs or alcohol will be first asked to go into a diversion/treatment program. It is rare that a nurse or doctor will be fired on a first offense.

    This is why I think that somebody who has problems in their past, and has successfully completed whatever requirements were made at the time, stands a very good chance of getting into a nursing program, and getting work afterwards. Also, nurses are in demand, and that means something. It means that if you are qualified and you’ve kept your nose clean, people will give you a pass.

    You know people, America is supposed to be about 2nd chances, people. And a lot of you have done what this guy as done or worse, and you were lucky that you didn’t get caught. So lay off.

    In closing, I will repeat my original suggestion: You MUST call the nursing licensing board of your state AND the admissions counselor for the nursing department of the school you’re looking into. Being assertive, open and fessing up to your mistakes is a good thing. You won’t get your 100% correct answer on here. You will get it by contacting the proper agencies. Go do it already.

    The first answer is sorta lame, because he said “credited” instead of “accredited.” And there are no unaccredited nursing programs in the U.S.

    I think you should start by calling the nurse licensing board and asking this question. Then I’d call the school you’re interested in–the nursing school/department–and ask the nursing school admissions people this same question.

    By the time you are eligible for nursing school, you will be at least 26 or 27, so it will be 4 or 5 years since your last arrest.

    Nursing schools are very academically competitive and the coursework is quite difficult, so I think this will be the biggest hurdle to getting into nursing school.

    I think the easiest way to find out is to call the licensing board and the school and ask directly. Personally, if you have grades good enough to get in, and no more trouble with the law, I bet they admit you. I wish you well.

  • Alex Y says:

    Even if you get into a nursing program, you will probably not be able to get a job after graduation. You can try to find a lawyer that can advise you on how to expunge your record. If you decide to pursue this or any other career be prepare to write lengthy explanation letters to employers and admissions directors. I am sorry to say but with today’s economy and job market you really screwed up your chances. In most states you can begin the process of expunging your record after 7 years from the date of the arrest/felony charge.

  • older and wiser says:

    gee so young to mess it up, sorry, but ya gotta clean up your act, if ya wanna to amount to anything,the only thing you can do is take some class,s. one way or the other, show people you are trying, people may put this into consideration, down the road it can only look good on your record, my neice just graduated from nursing school, top of the class, she is now an RN, SO YA SEE WHAT SOME CLASS,S CAN DO, there is alot of class,s you can take to improve the situation, good luck, hope ya make it!

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