Do You Agree With the Proposal in Kentucky to Have Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients?

Question by O-baa-ma: Do you agree with the proposal in Kentucky to have drug testing for welfare recipients?
Under all the proposals, if a Department of Social Services caseworker finds “reasonable suspicion” that someone on Temporary Assistance to Needy Families is using illegal drugs, he or she can order the person to submit to a drug test. If the person refuses, or if the test comes back positive, the state would cut him or her off cash assistance.

Supporters argue the testing is needed to protect children in families receiving TANF, the federal program that in Missouri provides monthly cash payments of $ 292 for a family of three.

Josh Campbell, lobbyist for the American Civil Liberties Union, said he questions whether the bill is an attempt to punish poor people.

“Being poor or on TANF doesn’t necessarily increase drug use,” he said.
To those against it-

Isn’t this a benefit, especially if there are children involved? If drugs are found, a 3rd party handles the money to make sure none goes for drugs. Isn’t worrying about the kids a good idea?

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