Does Anyone Know of Any Charities That Help Pay for the Cost of Fertility Treatments?

Question by mountain_laurel1183: Does anyone know of any charities that help pay for the cost of fertility treatments?
I have a friend who was asking.

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Answer by happyfuncrazy
i don’t think so

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Print E-mail. LEBANON, Ohio (FOX19/AP)- A Warren County teenager considered by authorities to be one of the most prolific drug dealers in the Cincinnati area was sentenced Monday. … He will also have to complete a drug treatment program. In addition …
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SUMMIT COUNTY — The Summit County Felony Drug Court has been awarded two grants that will fund ongoing programming, along with enhanced treatment for individuals with trauma-related symptoms or opiate addictions. …. Within the next six months, Happy …
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6 Responses to Does Anyone Know of Any Charities That Help Pay for the Cost of Fertility Treatments?

  • jennygirl says:


  • Mrs. Strain says:

    None that I know of. Have your friend check into traveling to India to have her treatments. We considered that but ended up pregnant on our own. The cost is about 1/3 of that here in the US, and their doctors are trained here. People magazine had a big article about the new medical tourism trade this past summer. Have her check into it!

  • stormwarnfm says:

    Unfortunately, most charities don’t want to help for stuff like this.

    They feel that if someone truly wants a baby, they’ll adopt…and even though we’re a successful adoptive family now, adopting is not for everyone.

  • janettetsmith says:

    Tell your friend to adopt. There are plenty of children in the world already that need good safe homes and good parents. If it is that difficult to conceive, perhaps she isn’t suppose to have her own child. In Vitro Fertilization and the likes seem selfish to me when there are already so many children, through no fault of their own, needing to be adopted.

  • Rose C says:

    There are plenty of physicians’ offices who have different studies from time to time and your friend may want to get on that band wagon.

  • psychgrad says:

    There are several grant programs that may help.

    From INCIID the Heart
    The InterNational Council for Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID — pronounced “inside”) announces an ambitious new program — From INCIID the Heart — to provide free In Vitro Fertilization to couples in need. INCIID, a non-profit organization, provides information on Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) as well as support to thousands around the world hoping to build a family.

    Affording Hope Infertility Foundation, Inc- They do not have their grant program finalized yet. However, this is an organization to monitor. One of biggest hopes for this Foundation is to be able to afford financial grant giving to those couples pursuing infertility treatments who do not have infertility insurance.

    The purpose of is to help people finance their dreams of starting a family and lighten the financial burdens of doing so. is a non-profit organization which aims to help all people become successful with IVF cost. We take the stress of out of pocket cost from you and your family, so that you may focus on having a successful IVF procedure and a new beginning.

    Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation The Madeleine Gordon Gift of Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed in 1995, assists married couples from Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky who have been unable to conceive and might not be able to afford in-vitro fertilization.

    FertileHope. Fertile Hope is proud to present Sharing Hope, a program to help increase access to egg, embryo and sperm freezing for cancer patients.

    Partnership for Families. The Partnership for Families Program at the Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center at Beachwood provides funding for a second cycle of IVF to couples who otherwise could not afford another try. The program was founded by 23 couples whose lives have been affected by infertility. Each recipient of a Partnership for Families Award receives $ 8,000 worth of IVF medical services. In addition, Serono Pharmaceutical’s Helping Hands Fund provides $ 2,000 worth of medications to each recipient. I believe you have to be a patient of this clinic- but if you’re already in Ohio, you should check it out.

    Fertility Assist- New program offering all Serono fertility medications free of charge to eligible patients through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy™ for your third OI or IVF cycle if you have not been successful after the prior two attempts.

    The Origins Drug Benefit Program Through this new program, GIVF (The Genetics and IVF Institute- DC area) will be able to provide free Gonadotropin drugs to most Donor Egg, Shared Risk and self-pay IVF patients who begin their cycle(s) by September 15th 2005. The per cycle savings for these drugs is approximately $ 900. By providing these drugs to our patients at no cost, the cost of prescription drugs for a typical IVF cycle will be reduced by approximately one-third. GIVF is pleased to offer this program to benefit both new and current patients.

    I am partial to the INCIID the Heart program. Its an amazing organization. They were featured in an article in People.

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