Dr. Gabor Maté: Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment


Dr. Gabor Maté: Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment – vineofthesoul.myshopify.com — Now available on DVD and as download. Dr. Gabor Maté has worked for several years in Vancouver’s downtown east side with people suffering from severe drug addictions. Based on his own experiences with ayahuasca, Dr. Maté is convinced that the Amazonian shamanic medicine, if taken in the proper context, can help people cure their addictions. Visit vineofthesoul.com This clip is taken from bonus materials included in the DVD.


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RT @christinelewry: RT @christinelewry: When I found out my daughter was taking #drugs I had to bring it back to basics – I would help & she would stop … – by Lindacpearson (Linda Cann Pearson)


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RT @christinelewry: RT @christinelewry: When I found out my daughter was taking #drugs I had to bring it back to basics – I would help & she would stop … – by barbiesway (Barbie Davis Herrera)


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RT @christinelewry: RT @christinelewry: When I found out my daughter was taking #drugs I had to bring it back to basics – I would help & she would stop … – by Bestdietbook (Brian Menard, Author)


22 Responses to Dr. Gabor Maté: Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment

  • heretichick says:

    2. Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and DMT are drugs to be taken? only in the proper setting and with the proper preparation by individuals who can handle the effects safely.

  • heretichick says:

    1. Many drug addicts are individuals? with severe mental health issues such as bi-polar, schizophrenia and psychosis. In fact a predisposition to addiction is the hallmark of many a mental illness. Recommending ayahuasca to treat the addiction problems in such individuals; who’s neuro functions are outside normal parameters, hence the hallucinations they have naturally, would be extremely reckless and misguided. Terence McKenna speaks at length about this. Continued-

  • heretichick says:

    Pseudoscience. “Expert”, cause he runs in a shitty little clinic and uses? anecdotal notions to reach his conclusions? “So I’m not surprise that people are working with ayahuasca in relation to healing addiction… it’s precisely what I predict”, BINGO, confirmation bias. Opiate addiction like nicotine addiction is routed in neurobiological causes and response, not the fact that the addicts mommy didn’t love them enough. This guy is so full of shit.

  • grovestreet8 says:

    where can i? find this in the philippines?

  • Peter S. Lopez says:

    9/11/2012 How do I know what? As far as Ayahuasca, I have not yet tried it. My point is that answers need to first be found within.

    Maybe the idea of doing a Personal Inventory irked you? Strive? to be as free and liberated as you can here now, without external input.
    ~Namaste! @Peta_de_Aztlan

  • Horacio Alfonso says:

    How? do you possible know this? Do you really have any experience with ayahuasca?

  • globe255 says:

    Ayahuasca isnt that the drug where several people needs to spit in a liquid with the? stuff so it actually works better because of the enzyme in the spit?

  • globe255 says:

    By the way, you dont need heroine to replace something, morphine or other opiates can do the work as well, especially if it is first time you are using it. But its a bad idea to take opiates if you? dont have legal access to it. Its not nice to deal with criminal people to get access to drugs or other things for that matter.

  • globe255 says:

    Didnt i say; Love and attention? is the basic reason why people want to do drugs?
    Love and attention = the close loving bond between an infant and its mother arent created and heroine replaces those chemicals. Thats some of it as i said and the other thing people who feel they arent wanted of the society and have low paid jobs could also be a reason. Yes it could happen i all families wealthy or not.

  • Frank Ribbensky says:

    Rubbish. Addictive behaviour is rooted in child abuse or lack of nurturing in infancy. Brain connections that are usually created by the close loving bond between an infant and its mother aren’t created and heroin replaces those chemicals. You need to research more of Dr Mate’s work. Addiction can exist in wealthy environments where the child is well educated yet ignored by its mother. You’re merely repeating society’s ignorant attitudes towards addiction. Do your homework.?

  • Frank Ribbensky says:

    Me too, it changed my life. I was tripping during a difficult time in my life and a friend lent me a copy of “Be Here Now” also known as “Ram-Dassbe-Here-Now” which was written with the express purpose of guiding the reader through an LSD trip. Suddenly everything made sense.? It’s available online on one of those file swap sites where you get it free in exchange for another online book or file.

  • globe255 says:

    Drugs addiction is many? things.

  • pulfdiddy says:

    I don’t think its just uneducated people abusing drugs! It’s? definatley people with unresolved conflics, that have created a seperatated from their soul in some way, and need something to attempt to fill that gap.

  • globe255 says:

    But addiction is very easy to understand. People who know? they arent wanted of the society because they dont have an education and therefore only can get low paid jobs simply feel drugs can give them the missing attention. The need of love and attention is simply the basic reason why people want to do drugs.

  • yellowgalactichuman says:

    I’m on my way to Peru to drink AYAHUASCA finally. There is not? doctor/medicine like it. This is the real MEDICINE..

  • Peter S. Lopez says:

    6/26/2012 ~ We do not need to take Ayahuasca to? get inner revelations that can be found dwelling within our own consciousness, though apparently it can enhance self-discovery. We need to do a daily personal inventory, be in tune with our beingness and keep learning in our environment. @Peta_de_Aztlan ~

  • vineofthesoulfilm says:

    Well said, locozito!?

  • locozito says:

    This man should be mandatory in schools, colleges and life itself. It is indispensable to society to change in? this way

  • awsm2thamax says:

    I experienced similar effects on Down2EarthClimaxxx (a synthetic drug whose active chemical is AM-2201). I called the place it brought? me to the “Valley of Fears.” It gave me the ability to corner all my fears and conquer them.

  • ssssaintmarcus says:

    He gives a good account of Ayahuasca. Although vague it is spot on with emotions and negative emotions….We all have negative energy that needs to be released? to ascend to the higher vibrations of consciousness.

  • DaGrowed says:

    You? just provided a whole list of your baggage. Spirit juice not required.

  • bighands69 says:

    allot of them would buy it on the black market. ?

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