Dr. in the St. Louis Area Who Will Help With Heroin Withdrawl?

Question by : Dr. in the St. Louis area who will help with heroin withdrawl?
My brother is weaning himself off of heroin (put 1/2 his drug $ aside for treatment). He works and cannot go to a meth clinic everyday. I (and his dealer) are the only ones who knows about his addiction. He wants to get clean sooo bad and has tried cold turkey 6 times but he was so sick he had to take off work and now he cannot take anymore time off. Does anyone know of a private Dr. who can help him? He doesn’t have a car but is willing to take the bus or walk where ever he need to go to get help.
I did take him to the E.R. at St. Anthonys 4 weeks ago. They said go to meth clinic. Did not give him any referals and charged him $ 629..Did not give him anything to help with withdrawls. Very useless 2 a.m. trip to E.R!

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Answer by Daniel
Take him to the ER, or any doctor’s office, or look for some medicine any medicine, everything helps

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