Drug Addiction – 1951 Drug Abuse & Social Guidance / Educational Documentary


Drug Addiction – 1951 Drug Abuse & Social Guidance / Educational Documentary – The following movie synopsis courtesy the Prelinger Archives. The movie can also be downloaded from the archives at archive.org Marty, a “good boy,” experiments with marijuana and experiences “profound mental and emotional disturbances.” As in all anti-drug films of this vintage, marijuana leads straight to “H,” and Marty’s decline continues until he is busted, rehabbed and reformed. Drug Addiction’s stilted view of the urban drug culture and unrealistic portrayals of stoned slackers make it entertaining viewing today. It belongs to that little-known “second wave” of anti-drug films, the postwar scare stories about middle-class kids overcome by junkiedom. What this wave of films reveals is that drugs were an issue for white adolescents long before the psychedelic Sixties, and that the official response to the threat expressed a general, not specifically targeted paranoia. Ken Smith sez: This film chronicles the decline and fall of “Marty” (see Are You Ready For Marriage?), a “good boy” who becomes a junkie. Marty’s experimentation begins with marijuana, which produces “profound mental and emotional disturbances.” Marty then goes straight to “H,” which he buys from Louie, the local dealer (who keeps his stash in a lamp base). Marty is caught, sent to a drug rehab center (where he cuts down dead corn stalks and plays checkers), and reforms. The scene where Marty and some of his stoned friends drink out of broken Pepsi bottles is memorable. As in all drug films, the


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3 Responses to Drug Addiction – 1951 Drug Abuse & Social Guidance / Educational Documentary

  • trecky4451 says:

    this is the same vidoe they use in the drug convention in Fear and? Loathing in Las Vegas 🙂

  • Ella73TV2 says:

    Drugs are? bad, M’kay 🙂

  • Stefan Sandström says:

    A drug in? its self is not a bad thing. It’s just a chemical compound and it means no harm.
    It’s just that drugs are becoming man kinds best excuse to behave like assholes,
    and that – is not a good thing. Frank Zappa.

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