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Beshear sees successes in fight against drug abuse

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The political leaders spoke at a substance abuse forum presented by the Operation UNITE Foundation and the Recovery Kentucky program. Operation Unite provides undercover narcotics investigations, addiction treatment and education programs. Recovery …
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Drugs addict sons, make widows in Punjab

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Public health worker Mandeep Sandhu said it would pay well to remember that concerns over the statistics for drug abuse have been behind recent innumerable police raids and the state's decision to set up addiction centers at each of its eight central …
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RT @24hoursvan: Do the feds have an obligation to
fund drug treatment? @KVMarshall http://t.co/VdfBlCTi vs. @Dave_Eby http://t.co/E56UyCB1 – by Dave_Eby (David Eby)


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#TheDuel: Do the feds have an obligation to
fund drug treatment? @KVMarshall http://t.co/AECdFhcD vs. @Dave_Eby http://t.co/3z0JRpyM – by 24hoursvan (24 hours Vancouver)


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#TheDuel: Do the feds have an obligation to
fund drug treatment? @Dave_Eby http://t.co/ZMWwSQh5 vs. @KVMarshall http://t.co/ODF1aKDa – by 24hoursvan (24 hours Vancouver)


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