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Drug and Alcohol Treatment – Aftercare Sober Living For Women – This is a mother’s perspective of her daughter’s addiction prior to entering Clarity House. Alcoholism and addiction affects the whole family, this is one mother’s feelings of the effects alcoholism / addiction had on her as the parent of an addict. Clarity House is a sober living for women located in Manhattan Beach, California. Clarity House is a peaceful environment for women to overcome their destructive lifestyles coupled with alcoholism and substance abuse. For more information, visit Clarity House online at www.claritysoberliving.com or call us at (310) 532-5083. Directed / Edited: Eliot Rausch Director of Photography: Lukas Korver Music Score: Ithaca Trio


Oligarch Slams DrugRehab Center Bust as 'Political'

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MOSCOW, November 3 (RIA Novosti) – Metals oligarch-turned political figure Mikhail Prokhorov posted a blog entry on Saturday slamming Friday's raid on a controversial drug-rehab facility as an attempt by the local authorities to neutralize popular rivals.
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Northeast Ohio priest who embezzled from rehab center begins prison sentence

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AKRON, Ohio — A northeast Ohio Catholic priest who embezzled money from an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center he founded began serving his six-month prison sentence this week in a tax fraud case. The Rev. Samuel Ciccolini started serving time at a …
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RT @RealSugarFree: RT @RealSugarFree: All I’m saying is if the rehab facilities weren’t so damn nice, maybe people wouldn’t have drug problems. – by Vividshutterbug (Courtney Lynne)


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  • avinash2809 says:

    Wow, powerful video, this is the women’s site to a couple mens sober livings. You can check out their main? site at

  • Steve Joseph says:

    OMG!!! that mom just described me now when she was describing the girl when she? was younger.

  • christiandrugrehab1 says:

    I will have to? check this out again!

  • viperbaddog1 says:

    please, never give up on them. some you may win,
    some you may not, but at least? you tried.

  • qtrustyboy says:

    I give you a hug. I feel your pain and wish i could take it away. i? have shared many of your feelings but i thank God He is out there to wrap his arms around us.

  • MalcolmHeardSB says:

    Viva Murph?

  • 12stepsahead says:

    Great Video, true grasp of addiction and how tough it really is on the? ones we love…

  • HiPowerDi says:

    They? nailed it!

  • 12creations says:

    Check out their video on Vimeo (so much better than youtube). They get a lot of plays alright.?

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