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Drug Rehab – Malibu California – Start a new sober successful life today with effective and private drug and alcohol treatment in beautiful Malibu California. Visit www.cliffsidemalibu.com for more information on how to get help with substance abuse, drug addictions and maintain a successful healthy lifestyle. We are here to help you achieve a better life. Call today 800-501-1988


Narconon Uses Red Ribbon Week to Help Students Decide to Stay Drug-Free

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Every year at this time, Narconon® drug prevention specialists fan out into schools within reach of the many US Narconon drug rehab facilities. In Southern California, the Narconon Fresh Start rehab centers sent out trained educators to many schools in …
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Octomom: Nadya Suleman reportedly in drug rehab

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TMZ is also reporting that the rehab center, Chapman House Drug Rehabilitaiton in southern California, is providing treatment for Suleman gratis even though Suleman is financially able to pay the bill herself. TMZ states that Suleman has been making …
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8 Responses to Drug Rehab – Malibu California


    Motto: “Kick? dope in paradise!”

  • Justin Sugarman says:

    awesome – just curious about how many rehabs malibu will let open it doors.? Pathetic – i think Malibu has like 10 rehabs within a 10 mile radius – JOKE

  • jessyarmanify says:

    It is refreshing to know that there are people like Andrew Bick employed at places like this? that have come from a drug abusive back round or addiction back round. I bet he makes it easier for the addicts to speak out.

  • rishita09 says:

    Thank you Robin for? being so sweet to me! I hope you know how much you inspired me during my stay at Cliffside. You certainly made an impact on me, AND my family.

  • sakinfatu says:

    I started with a twelve? step method for my drug addiction and then worked my way through all of the psychological methods and in the end, came home a new man.

  • aa4209219 says:

    I believe that yoga, meditation and breathing techniques are a big way to be able to reach the soul and? if they use it continually at these rehab centers like Cliffside Malibu and the Newport Beach drug treatment center, then they will continue to see great results with the patients.

  • jhonmachanze54 says:

    I was trying to decide whether or not I should have it done to me or not when I was there, and this lady, as a matter of fact, convinced me to? do it. I couldnt thank her enough! I was feeling better the next day.

  • milarfrent says:

    My sister? had this done to her when she was in rehab and she said that if she didnt do it, then she probably wouldnt have recovered as quickly as she did.

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