Getting Help With Addiction, Treated Badly! Is This Entrapment?

Question by : Getting help with addiction, treated badly! is this entrapment?
Okay, so I have been wanting to get help with my opiate addiction. So I went to a recovery center for help with getting on Suboxone. On Monday I went in to speak to a panel to see if they would accept me into the program and they agreed that I was a suitable candidate for suboxone treatment “these people were higher ups!!!”
Today I went in for a follow up appointment to get a chart and panel started for me they do group therapy and different things that help with addiction. Okay so on monday I told them i was dirty and would fail a drug test.
Today I went in and did a urinalysis or “piss test” and failed, DUH!!! well when I was talking to a very nice older woman about my addiction an filling out lots of paperwork this “Snooty Broad” walked in and says to me
“Did you drive here today?” which I reply “YES” then she says “But You’re High!!!” to which I reply
“No I am not, I used yesterday but not today!” so she says “you failed the drug test so you must be high!!”
which I replied “So, by your logic if I smoke a joint on the first of the month and I pee dirty 2 weeks later that mean I was high for 2 weeks? I am actually in mild withdrawal, you dont know what you’re talking about.”
So then she tells me that she is going to call the cops on me if I dont call someone for a ride, and that I am all “whacked out because I am shaking.” then I told her ” I am no all whacked out I didn’t piss dirty for meth or some shit like that I pissed dirty for opiates I am shaking because I am starting to withdrawal” so long story short on my way out the door this bitch called the cops on me for “FELONY DUI” but she couldn’t call until I left because she didn’t know what car I came in so she didn’t know my tag number or anything. So I hauled ass home and left a voice mail on one of the higher ups machines oh yeah BTW none of the higher ups were there today.
This broad said that Its state law (Missouri) to call the cops if someone drives out after failing a piss test which is soooo bullshit. I also had to do a Breathalyzer test which I passed just fine.

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Answer by Work ’em Silly Gators
Well im not entirely sure what you would like to know, but I can clarify a few things for you…

1- Entrapment- this is the deliberate coercion of the committing of a crime that an individual would not have normally committed without influence from law enforcement. For example: it is illegal to sell alcohol to persons under 21, a cop is trying to bust bars who serve underage patrons so he gets a juvenile to attempt to but alcohol from bars, the juvenile uses a fake ID that has his picture and claims that he is 21, the bartender gives him an alcoholic beverage, the cops cite the bartender for serving to a minor. THIS is entrapment, because the bartender committed a crime that he would have not normally committed under similar circumstances, however if the juvenile showed him an ID that claimed he was under 21 and got served anyway, this is not entrapment because he knowingly committed a crime. SO point is this situation is in no way entrapment because the police have are not involved in a method in which they are forcing you to commit a crime that you would not otherwise commit.

2- You should likely verify policy with the rehab center and come to a clearer understanding as to policy concerning employee and patron interaction

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