GGN: Man Eats Heart of Victim, Americans Greatest Terror Threat, Teacher Suspended for Giving ‘0’


GGN: Man Eats Heart of Victim, Americans Greatest Terror Threat, Teacher Suspended for Giving ‘0’ – PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Please visit: or http for the latest news commentary by Global Government News Please visit to donate to GGN because it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. HEADLINES WITH LINKS Mike Adams Exposes The Zombie Conspiracy Authorities: Md. man admits eating heart of victim ‘Baltimore cannibal’ has left large online footprint Mother of Miami ‘Cannibal’ Says Son Was Drugged Before Alleged Attack American cage fighter ‘rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil’ Texas woman accused of killing infant son, then eating child’s brain Another State Reports Uncontrolled Rise in Prescription Drug Abuse Britain’s Binge Drinking Reaches Crisis Levels ‘Disoriented’ passenger subdued on flight in Miami TSA Figures If Passengers Are Confused, So Are Terrorists TSA VIPR Team Spotted at… Detroit Music Festival?? Springs Police Use New Equipment, Tactics To Protect Themselves Why is the Federal Government Militarizing our Police Departments? Cameras being installed across north country Missouri: Another Court Rules Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional No-Fly List Maintained By FBI Includes Double The US Citizens Since 2009 National Guard Magazine Cover Story Specifies Americans as Greatest Terror Threat Pastor Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Teaching That


Law enforcement agencies using billboards for anti-drug campaign

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Four area law enforcement agencies — the Rolla Police Department, Phelps County Sheriff's Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol and South Central Drug Task Force — are teaming up for an anti-drug campaign. As part of the campaign, the agencies …
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Armstrong report expected this week

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USADA said it has strong evidence of drug use by Armstrong and his U.S. Postal Service teams, including steroids, blood boosters and other blood-doping techniques. The agency says as many as 10 former teammates were willing to testify against him.
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23 Responses to GGN: Man Eats Heart of Victim, Americans Greatest Terror Threat, Teacher Suspended for Giving ‘0’

  • chrismclay1 says:


  • SpaceMan131326 says:

    the news just keeps getting crazier, I wounder if it is all tied? into the Zombie thing because resident evil is named nemesis, and then they have the Apocalypse, Extinction program, makes you wounder

  • mlmr11 says:

    lmao…I can’t believe what I’m living through . ?

  • homerbear46 says:

    Maybe, but I’m taking no chances, first fuck that tries getting bitey towards me is getting a screwdriver through his eyeball.
    It’s all well and good knowing your? Cooper from your AJ, but it wont help you in a battle to switch off a zombie’s neural-system, whereas a screw driver in your back pocket will be vital.
    Maybe “double-tap” the fuck through his ear while u are about it.

  • troutfish70 says:

    11 years ago and the mostly under control zombies were telling us 2 planes hitting 2 buildings caused 3 buildings to fall down and a guy in a cave with 19 guys made swiss cheese out of the worlds most secure airspace ( Pentagon ) justifying the decade long occupation of Afghanistan to look for said mastermind in a cave — And they called people like you retarded? for pointing out the wholes in the zombie story — Now they are down to baby snacking and a homeless guy for lunch

  • ddarko2012 says:

    Lol.? Good point.

  • ddarko2012 says:

    Thanks.? Even when you are subbed YT will not send upload notifications. That’s so swell of them.

  • andrewquigley18 says:

    When Tyranny Becomes Law,? Rebellion Becomes? Duty

  • mlmr11 says:

    Once I see a you? tube clip report citing an “Infowars” report it is then I realize said report is rubbish

  • mlmr11 says:

    I wouldn’t believe these stories. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Milton William Cooper had stated that “We live in a time of great illusion do not believe anything you hear or read unless you can verify it 100% with your own research”.?
    I’ve watched the pattern of youtube “truthers” leading up this and I call shenanigans.

  • krikeysmateZ says:

    resubbed…seems like? youtube is deciding who we can be subbed to now because i used to be subbed to you and no longer was.

  • tec2ification says:

    Digital exhaust? ?! Sounds taxable!

  • macpduff says:

    I don’t know my friends.
    It’s VERY difficult to access the heart and brain.
    Heart surgeons use a buzz saw, to open the rib cage for heart surgery.
    The brain is encased in? the skull,- which needs no explaination re it’s strength.
    Both are more difficult than breaking a coconut for the milk.
    How am I supposed to believe these stories?

  • fawkUtube says:

    BP unleashes its frankenvirus synthia – American government orders 400 million rounds of ammunition roughly one per american – CDC releases zombie warning – man eats face and growls at police – AJ blames everything? under the sun for this attack but a virus. Vaccines cellphone towers bath slats that have been on the markets for years movies that have been in hollywood for decades etc etc. The girlfriend of the guy who ate the mans face said he wasn’t into hard drugs he only smoked pot

  • westin1985 says:

    A person that studies mind control knows how to manipulate the mind at is core programming level. Psychology kind of goes there but it does not cover the hard core techniques that are known and? used. When you start practicing the occult and evil, you unlock walled off knowledge that a person can’t deal with as a child. Getting access to this information can make a person pessimistic about life. They become hateful and nasty people.

  • westin1985 says:

    You really have to ask is what type of drugs or brain damaging chemicals are causing damage in more and more peoples brains. As? reasoning ability goes away, horror movies and natural fears can take over and cause some really weird ways of thinking. A person in fear mode is a very dangerous person.

  • westin1985 says:

    When an? adult loses their reasoning capacity through drugs or brain damage this information that was surpressed or walled off in the brain and the subconsious finds it way to the conscious. This can freak a person out really bad. Becoming aware of this info and not having the reasoning ability to surpress it, can lead to some really weird behavior.

  • DackIsBack says:

    Oh Yeah, and these “Booze Buses” just make the problem worse- people are far more willing to drink themselves unconscious if they know they’re going? to wake up in a hospital bed with a free meal… People Actually Think This Is A Good Idea Here!

    They also want the price of Alcohol to go up- so they pay more for it- even drinkers support these price controls – complete idiots.

  • DackIsBack says:

    The reason drinking is so bad in the U.K.? is because nobody takes responsibility for themselves…

    Even if you destroy your liver the tax payer will buy you a new one… that’s the attitude here- it’s disgusting, and we all have to pay for it through socialized death care.

  • westin1985 says:

    In alot of these horror movies someone is learning to tinker with peoples core programming. You can see the effects of a well done horror movie on? children. They are easily manipulated by horror movies and can be totally traumatized by a movie. Adults tend to have a hardened resistance in that they can reason their way out of believing those movies. Even Adults can be effected because these movies because it gets into the subconscous.

  • westin1985 says:

    zombies, vampires, ghosts, and monsters are embedded into? the subconsious. Just like spiders and snakes are embedded into the subconsious. This stuff is used in the brains core programming. Its not learned from outside sources. It is programming that evolved into the brains structure over time. It serves a purpose in that it increases a persons survival rate. Fear of spiders n snakes n monsters will keep you alive as a kid. Understanding the brains core programming allow one to be brainwashed.

  • wisdomtrek says:

    The? countries gone! I echo the below comment, see what happens? when Jew’s control?
    Ariel Sharon: “Jews control Amerika and the Amerikans know it!” (Amerika with a K)

  • monster1175 says:

    the poor man has nothing to eat you see what jew control do to humans????

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