Helppppppp!!!!!! Why Is This Bothering Me So Much? Should I Really Care?

Question by : Helppppppp!!!!!! Why is this bothering me so much? Should I really care?
Helppppppp!!!!!! Why is this bothering me so much? Should I really care?
So me and my son’s father decided to just be parents to our 1year old son.
We were together in March but he Lived in St.Louis Mo which is 3 1/2 hours away from were I live.
He was in St.louis because he got out of jail and got a opportunity from someone and got paroled in st. Louis.

Well after a while I could tell he was seeing someone down there and decided to call it quits.
Mind you we have been on and off for 8 years he not only has cheated on me but he has also ran off on me while I was pregnant.

I was sending him money on and off while he was in St.Louis for miscellaneous things that he needed and he told me in order to come back to were we live he had to get his parole fees caught up. Long story short this turned out to be a lie.

Basically a little over a month ago he was suppose to come home for good the day he was scheduled to be here he didn’t show. The agreement was to watch our son from his brothers house.So I could work seeing how he is not in a position to provide right now. I spoke with his parole officer and found out that he hadn’t even talked to him about coming back home.

He could come back at any time he lied because he is living with some woman and her kids.

She has a 13 year old boy and a little girl. I knew about this woman but did not no this was the same woman he was seeing considering she was older and not attractive.

She had let him stay with her because he had no where to go. He has a hard time finding work because he is a 3 time felon.

So he normally does little odd jobs like help fix up houses or work on cars. Basically I heard from his brother that he never got on the bus, that he had been pocketing my money and helping the woman he has been staying with, with her bills or miscellaneous things.

Also he said the woman was talking about all that she does for him and then he mentioned things he has done for her kids.

Why would he be doing for her kids and has done absolutely nothing for our son, a child that actually belongs to him. He also has two other kids here in the same state with me.

There mother and I actually get along very well. She is alot younger tho but she has older kids with him. My son’s father is 27 I am 29 and the other mother is 24.

The woman he is staying with is in her 30’s. So anyway basically he stayed in St.Louis with that woman and her kids and I haven’t heard from him in over a month.

He is an ex drug addict not sure if he is using again. His drug of choice is pcp. His brother told me that he is an opportunist, his brother told me everything.

But I suspect he is reaching out to his other baby mama and there kids and not me.

I do not want to be with this man but it pisses me off that he hasn’t called to see if his son is dead or alive in over a month he use to text and call every morning saying good morning son daddy loves you he doesn’t even do that anymore.

And he’s alive because his brother called him and he answered the phone. His brother told me last time he came to Kansas City to visit his son. He stole 500 dollars worth of his brand new clothes.

This doesn’t surprise me. But he won’t answer my calls or anything. I have already established paternity through the state of Missouri but child support order is in process.

Maybe some men can shed some light on why he can’t even contact his own child I don’t care about the woman I had suspicions that he would end up sleeping with her. What Should I do???

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Answer by dWali
Will you send me money too if I father a child with you and then ignore you?

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