How Can I Find Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Elderton, Pennsylvania?

Question by aditi s: How can I find substance abuse treatment centers in Elderton, Pennsylvania?
I need to get more information regarding prescription drug abuse and I would like to find substance abuse treatment centers who are currently handling patients with such illness.

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Answer by beatrice c
Well, finding substance abuse treatment centers happens to be fairly easy. I already did a search on the Internet, and I have found sites that may help you. Below are two links that you can use. You can also look through the local yellow pages or contact your local health services department to get more information. Good luck!

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Help — Brighton Hospital – A young man describes the merits of the staff at Brighton Hospital and his rebuilding of relationships broken during his alcohol abuse. The best drug and alcohol abusehelp is what Brighton is all about. Brighton Hospital is the second oldest drug and alcohol abuse treatment clinic in the United States and the first to be licensed in Michigan. A national leader in drug and alcohol treatment and counseling service that began in the early 1950’s. Additionally, we treat addictions to meth, marijuana, pot, crack, heroin, cocaine, speed, oxycontin, coke, prescription pain pills, ecstasy, plus. We have many alcohol recovery testimonials on YouTube.


A Mind-Body Intervention with Massage Helps Treat Substance Abuse

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This mind-body connection can be particularly influential when a client is recovering from substance abuse. In 2011, Price and colleagues published study results in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, documenting the impact of the mind-body …
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IOM: DoD policies worsen drug, alcohol problems

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On-base facilities that sell cheap alcohol to troops, Pentagon policies that allow controlled substances to be prescribed without tracking, and Tricare rules against covering current treatments for substance abuse are contributing to the military's …
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