How Does the Enabling of Substance Abuse Addiction Work?

Question by bayley de: How does the enabling of substance abuse addiction work?
I have heard that sometimes, families can even sort of encourage the individual to continue on with his substance abuse addiction. How so? What are they doing that actually acts to the detriment of the individual?

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11 Responses to How Does the Enabling of Substance Abuse Addiction Work?

  • abigayle la says:

    Enabling substance abuse addiction simply means that the person tolerates the addiction of the individual. They make it easy for the patient to continue on indulging in the substance. Enabling substance abuse addiction can be manifested in a variety of ways, some of which are as follows:

    * making excuses for the person’s behavior
    * doing something for the person instead of letting him do it himself
    * not recognizing the problem or denying its existence, therefore allowing the behavior to go on.
    * helping the individual fuel his substance abuse addiction by giving him money, finishing his work for him, or just plain ignoring his behavior and shortcomings.

    If you happen to know someone who is a substance abuse addict, then you should take care not to do the things listed above.

  • Pixie says:

    Enabling substance abuse means allowing that person to do it in the family home. Or assuming that person will grow out of it and doing nothing. Also giving money to an addict enables that person to buy more drugs ( even though they state its not for drugs). Or not reporting concealment of drugs or allowing that person to steal from you to buy drugs.

  • irishkittie79 says:

    It’s not a direct action. Usually it comes from finacially supporting the individual or constantly “bailing” them out of bad situations. By “protecting” them, they are in fact showing the person that they can do whatever and mom/dad or whomever will be the to pick up the pieces. So they continue to do what they want with out regard for consequences.

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