How Will I Be Able to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Cleveland, Georgia?

Question by ayah a: How will I be able to find substance abuse treatment programs in Cleveland, Georgia?
I’m doing this for a special project in school. As part of my report, I wanted to be able to include a few interviews of people who are undergoing a substance abuse treatment program. Does anybody know how I can get a hold of contact numbers of treatment centers?

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Answer by beatrice c
It sounds like an interesting project, and I hope you do well.

Look in the yellow pages. You will find a list of the addiction treatment centers in your area there. Make sure to call first to ask them if you can interview the patients. Below are links that might be helpful. Good luck!

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Opiate Addiction Treatment During Pregnancy – It is estimated that 1 in 7 pregnant women in the Rutland, Vermont region has an addiction problem, including addiction to opiates. In order to meet this pressing community need, physicians and substance abuse clinicians from Rutland Mental Health Services, Rutland Regional Medical Center, and Rutland Regional Women’s Healthcare, have teamed up to provide care for opiate-addicted pregnant women. Building on an existing community effort called Babies and Mothers Beginning Insynch (BAMBI), primary care providers, obstetricians, substance abuse clinicians and public health workers are collaborating to provide buprenorphine treatment and substance abuse care for pregnant women. Join Gordon Frankle, MD, Clay Gilbert, CADC-CCS, and Heather Gergely, a young mother and participant in the program, as they discuss the issues of opiate addiction in pregnancy and the recovery process.


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