How Will I Find Rehab Centers in Eliot, Maine Where I Can Learn More About Dual Disorder?

Question by adreanna zz: How will I find rehab centers in Eliot, Maine where I can learn more about dual disorder?
Our teacher asked us to discuss topics and issues about drug addiction and treatment. The topic given to me is dual disorder. As much as possible, he wants us to interview medical professionals about the topic. He said that this will greatly help us to prevent drug use in the future.

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Answer by ADREANNA P
Dual disorder in indeed a very interesting topic to discuss. Through the help of the sites linked on the lower portion of this message, you’ll get the information pertinent to your assignment. Enjoy your research and may your class benefit from it.

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Jessica: Graduate of Palm Partners Recovery Center in Delray Beach, FL – This video features insight into Palm Partners Treatment Center in Delray Beach Florida, © 2012 Palm Partners. Jessica’s Testimonial “I’m Jessica. I’m from South Burbank, Maine. I started off using drugs and alcohol at a very young age. It progressed quickly and brought me through a miserable phase in the end. I’ve been to a treatment center before and it didn’t work out for me, but this time around I wanted to change my life. I found Palm Partners through their website and after talking it over with my parents, we decided that it was a great fit for me. I was terrified to come here although it was my decision to go to treatment. I didn’t really want to go but I got here without really knowing what to expect and I found a community full of people just like me that were able to support me and help me and give me all the tools i needed. I planned on going right home after 30 days. I’ve been here 50 days now. I just graduated and I am staying in Florida and going on to a halfway house. And I couldn’t be happier about the decision I made. I feel confident. I’m still a little nervous, but I am excited to start a new chapter in my life. Thank you. And If you or anyone you know are suffering from an addiction problem, call Palm Partners. It’s really great.”


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