I Need Advice on Drug Abuse….?

Question by theopholismmviii: I need advice on drug abuse….?
My brother has been taking vicodin regularly for the past ten years,he sometimes tells me he feels he’s addicted but because he doesn’t feel its extreme he won’t give it up, In all honesty he doesn’t hurt other people and he doesn’t rob people or steal for the pills,but I can see a difference in him he doesn’t and I don’t know what to say to him to make him see what he’s doing to himself,he doesn’t leave the house and is afraid to talk to people other than his immediate family, I love him very much and don’t want to alienate him but I am afraid for is health,.am i just being overbearing?

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Answer by dis prove
maybe he’s better off medicated

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  • anonymous says:

    try to convince him to see a therapist or a doctor to see if it really is an addiction, something like this can become more serious in the future or he could progress to harder drugs if he is cut off.

  • Dylan says:

    You should OD on vivadin and die that will show him. Thanks for the points have a nice day.

  • Whitley says:

    Sorry to hear you’re going through this. You will have to perform an intervention. Addicts- I apologize, but he is one…. can’t quit without knowing that there is a consequence. If your brother loves you and your family more than the pills, he will get help. You and your family will have to give him an ultimatum…. If he doesnt quit, unfortunately you and you’re family will have to separate from him. Tell him to go to rehab, or lose his family and their support.

  • Lisa Diaz says:

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