Ibogaine for Substance Abuse Treatment


Ibogaine for Substance Abuse Treatment – Ibogaine for Substance Abuse Treatment. By www.NeuroSoup.com This video is a Q and A session response. More Info www.neurosoup.com Podcast: www.futureprimitive.org


Grand jury finds overcrowding at Deschutes jail

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(AP) — A special grand jury says Deschutes County correctional facilities are well-run, but must increase capacity and expand educational and substance abuse treatment programs. State law requires grand jurors selected at random to inspect county …
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Researchers show cost-effectiveness of HIV testing in drug abuse treatment

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Less than half of community-based substance abuse treatment programs in the United States currently make HIV testing available on-site or through referral. A new study led by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College shows the cost-effectiveness of …
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18 Responses to Ibogaine for Substance Abuse Treatment

  • jslip3 says:

    Most of? our drug laws don’t make sense…

  • DrMotorDude says:

    Darkstarwood is correct. Ibogaine is BAD for opiate addictions. It tends to cause severe psychotic? reactions in opiate users. That’s not what those of us who are ‘in the loop’ would call ‘therapeutic.’

  • Reknaw133 says:

    I heard? from someone that Ibogaine was like a reset button.

  • darkstarwood says:

    I know smeone who died? from ibogaine treatment. He was using it for heroin.

  • kenroy916 says:

    yes u are in fact right fuck the american government. micromanaging the shit out of everything they can and the list? keeps growing. if only they could pull their head out of their asses

  • CANZEENSO says:

    The FDA says mercury’s good for you
    The FDA says mercury in flu shots is good for you
    The FDA says high fructose corn syrup that has mercury is good for you
    Ibogaine is without question will eliminate drug addiction 95% accuracy
    youtube FDA says mercury’s good for you. look it? up
    The pharmaceutical industry is not your friend, they only kill 300,000 people a year in America
    Who is really the drug dealer

  • SiliconBong says:

    You two look? good together. lol

  • sweetypie000 says:

    hehe, the one above me is one? too !

  • SpoonFedMuffin says:

    Psychedelics have the potential to be to psychiatry as the telescope has? for astronomy.
    -Terence McKenna

  • waskaman94 says:

    haha the guy below me is a fag lol?

  • abraxnos says:

    what rubbish!
    Heroin like? most other illegal drugs has negative social effects-IMPOSED on users by such ignorant ppl.
    Geeez educate yourself b4 supporting the drug war you yankee dog

  • helpforaddiction says:

    TO ALL SEEKING TREATMENT WITH IBOGAINE: Send me a message and I can help you find a clinic that does Ibogaine treatments. You can learn more about Ibogaine by watching Ibogaine videos I have in? my favorites.

  • richslayerbc08 says:

    i love you and i love your videos! your so informative and helpful
    you get right to the point that everyone else is? afraid to get to

  • sweetypie000 says:

    digging? the négligé

  • sweetypie000 says:


  • hjonpaprik says:

    How can you use entheogens when you helped torture an 18 yo boy WHILE HE WAS ON SHROOMS!? Doesn’t that affect your conscience when you’re tripped? To all youtubers who are watching her videos to educate yourselves, you need to educate yourself on this bitch? instead…

  • tuberroni says:

    I see STARS? *****

  • Tektribe808 says:

    I’d like to hear more about: The soul growing to a higher intelligence. I wonder why so people don’t seem to cope without drugs,? and can they find a way not to be reliant… because isn’t that the source of the problem. Where someone can’t function/or be happy without external substance???

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