Learn How the Recovery Place Can Help You or Your Family Recover From Addiction


Learn how The Recovery Place can help you or your family recover from addiction – www.TheRecoveryPlace.net (877) 575-7607 The Recovery Place provides active treatment processes that are combined in a way that yields the most benefit to each individual. Plans of care aren’t rigid or over-structured to the point that they make the patient fit the treatment. Instead, we create a rehab plan and atmosphere that meets the needs of each specific situation.


Bay Village parents learn drug abuse is a problem in the suburbs, too

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Keener and Krolkowsi said school and police officials want to work with parents and students to help those with drug abuse problems. The goal is to get help for those who need it and not necessarily to prosecute, Krolkowsi said. Organizers said they …
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Rick Perry Calls For Drug-Testing The Poor And Jobless

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During a press conference, Perry did not say there was rampant drug abuse among Texans receiving unemployment insurance or welfare dollars, but nevertheless stressed it was something the state should prevent. "Unemployment benefits are meant not to be …
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Russell Brand planning to become yoga teacher to help drug addicts

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London, Nov. 18 (ANI): Russell Brand is reportedly planning to open his own yoga studio in Los Angeles with the help of his instructor Tej Kaur, to aid other drug users in getting rid of their addiction. "Russ has -always wanted to set up his own yoga …
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  • abalicious101 says:

    When he says “Its a place of HOPE. Its a place of? HEALING. Its a place to START AGAIN”, what popped into my head was JESUS! Its just like Jesus! All the healing n starting a new life they talk about can b found in Jesus! For free! In fact when he first started talking he said “I thought i lost it all until i found.. the recovery place”. I half expected him to say “until i found jesus” thats wat he should be saying. This reminds me of how God heals people. He is the ultimate cure. like if u agree

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