Libs, Why Do You Consider Unflattering Facts About homosexuaIs to Be Examples of Bigotry?

Question by Aslkdfj: Libs, why do you consider unflattering facts about homosexuaIs to be examples of bigotry?
Higher rates of AIDS, venereal disease, mental illness, child abuse, drug abuse, etc.

A fact is fact, isn’t it?

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Answer by Domino
Some of you have judging for God have the mental diseases.

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Facts on oxycodone

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11 Responses to Libs, Why Do You Consider Unflattering Facts About homosexuaIs to Be Examples of Bigotry?

  • Aaron says:

    If a fact is evil, is it really a fact, or just Fox News propaganda?

  • Angel says:

    If these are facts, where is your proof?

  • Rankin says:

    Because not every gay person has AIDS, venereal diseases, mental illnesses, suffered child abuse, drug abuse, etc.

  • Brow9510 says:

    People who are obsessed with homosexuality are gay.

  • MattH says:

    Because it’s dangerous to classify one section of society as such, without even attempting to investigate the real factors behind them.

    AIDS is not a homosexual disease.. it’s perceived of that way because when it spread to North America it did so primarily in the gay community. In Africa it’s definitley not seen as a “gay disease”… it’s an illusion.

    I’d like to see the stats for everything else… because I’m not convinced they are real.

  • Godless Heathen says:

    Do you consider the unflattering facts that the most cases of incest and bestiality happens in rural conservative christian states as bigotry?

  • Ferfie says:

    Republicans in airport restrooms.

  • Red Barron says:

    First off, we don’t consider it “bigotry” if your “facts” (using quotations because you haven’t provided a link, so this can very well just be YOUR guess or opinion) are used in a certain context, maybe as to provide help or assistance, or to exam the reasons why. But when you point out negative statistics about a certain group (for which I can point out SEVERAL about straight white Christan males), in order to justify your hatred by saying “see, this is why I don’t like them”, then its CLASSIC bigotry, and you know it. Not to mention the fact that there are always varying factors in play that ignorant, small minded people like to conveniently ignore when providing statistics about a group they dislike. For instance, the higher prevalence of mental illness is BECAUSE of the ostracizing and shame homosexuals are taught by people like you. See?

  • flagmagnets says:

    Big claims but no evidence……

  • Pure Atheist says:

    Same reason the Jesus freaks think I am a bigoted hater when I point out the fact that all christians are baby killer worshipers.

    Egypt’s first born. Amalikites. Flood. She bears sent to murder 42 children.

    So who are the people who call homosexuality immoral?

    Immoral baby killer worshipers.

    So you tell me…does their opinion on morality, carry any weight at all?

    LOL…of course not, people who derive morality from a baby killer should keep their fvcking mouths shut or produce this baby murdering pig of a book god.

    I will give you one thing though….Homosexuality is NOT Normal human sexual activity. They are engaged in sexual perversion and homosexuals are perverts as far as their sexual habits go.

    Other than that they are normal…

  • tehabwa says:

    Because ugly LIES ARE bigotry.

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