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The Scary Trend Of Boomer Addiction

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Boomers are visiting emergency rooms in record numbers for reactions to cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Some experts blame the pressures of this stage of life. Juan Harris is the clinical director f a boomer treatment unit at the Hanley Center, an …
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Op-ed: Don't legalize marijuana. It's addictive

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As doctors who have practiced addiction medicine for decades, we're seeing unprecedented levels of marijuana addiction today. Treatment admissions for marijuana-use disorders have dramatically increased, accounting for 18 percent of admissions in 2010 …
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Opposition to I-502 low on funds, outreach efforts

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The lack of opposition frustrates substance abuse counselors like Lynda Fralich, vice president of the Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council, who contends information about marijuana's harmful effects is being left out of the discussion of I-502 …
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Norwood Chief of Police: Marijuana is Not Medicine

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Among groups that have taken formal positions against “medical marijuana” are the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association, the Massachusetts Medical Association, the American Glaucoma Society, the American Society of Addiction …
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RT @joenicholas97: RT @joenicholas97: “@ColtonBrubaker1: Everyone please help @joenicholas97 with his marijuana addiction #support” – by Jack_Eldridge9 (Jack Eldridge)


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“@ColtonBrubaker1: Everyone please help @joenicholas97 with his marijuana addiction #support” – by joenicholas97 (Joseph NiChillas)


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The GATS Program: Marijuana can shrink the Brain: Marijuana addiction Australia FOR HELP – by AddictionAust (Addiction Australia)


4 Responses to Marijuana Addiction Help

  • replymycomments says:

    weed for life, if you dont like weed then fuck off. Don’t judge other just because you disagree with something. Let us smoke, and you can do whatever the fuck you want to do. just don’t call us stupid stoners and we wont call? you ignorant brainwashed idiots.

  • replymycomments says:

    hahaha,? this has got to be a fucking joke. coffee is more addictive than weed. fucking idiots.

  • Bullsight2020 says:

    I can take it? or leave it, but I’m better off if I take it. Never any signs of addiction. And that goes for the hundreds of people I know, and have known, who take it. So, are we just all lucky? Cannabis is NOT addictive or harmful. It’s a gift from God, a miracle. You are either ignorant, or telling a lie. One thing I know for sure, is if you truly believe that it’s harmful, and addictive you’re brain-washed. If you’re lying, I’ll bet your making money from it. I call B.S.! Pharm. = EVIL.

  • cssdoritocss says:

    if your addicted to? marijuana your a little bitch

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