Missouri’s Top 5 Abused Drugs?

Question by : Missouri’s top 5 abused drugs?
I need to know the top 5 abused drugs of Missouri for health and my health teacher said google it, but it’s not ANYWHERE! we just started the unit, AND I’m a straight A student so please don’t say I don’t pay attention because I do.

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Answer by Anon Ymous
Maybe you should try nationwide instead of Missouri only. I’m guessing it would be:
Meth (maybe)
Pain killers
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(Missouri) Prevention of Underage Drinking in Missouri – Missouri has undertaken a number of strategies to combat negative trends in underage drinking. This video highlights some of those initiatives and encourages viewers to get involved in local prevention efforts. Thisvideo was produced through the SAMHSA/CSAP Underage Drinking Prevention Education Initiatives (UADPEI) in an ongoing collaboration with States and Territories to produce videos that support local underage drinking prevention communications efforts. Across the Nation, every State and Territory is unique and so are their approaches to preventing and reducing underage drinking. The video project supports the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Strategic Initiative #1: Prevention of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness, which states, “… prevention of underage drinking [is] a priority for States, Territories, Tribal entities, universities and communities.” For more information or resources, visit: www.stopalcoholabuse.gov starttalkingnow.org store.samhsa.gov


Missouri Legislative News

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For more information about each bill, including its full text, go to http://www.house.mo.gov/billcentral.aspx and search on the bill number (eg “SB 446?). Specifies that drug courts may be funded by the county law enforcement restitution fund.
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Illinois Senate OK's measure fixing drug abuse loophole

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Bill Haine, D-Alton, sponsored the measure stemming from the case of Shannon Gaddis, who traveled with her boyfriend across the border into Missouri to purchase heroin, then returned to the Metro East and died of an overdose, the Post-Dispatch reported …
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Marilyn Murphy

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She was the first woman to serve as chairperson of the Council of Community Services and the Iowa Commission of Substance Abuse. Marilyn was also the first president of the Woodbury County Community Action Agency and chaired the Sioux City Human Rights …
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Are foster kids helped, harmed by open hearings

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An advocate for child welfare reform says that among the states that have followed suit, New York and Missouri's moves in the late 1990s were particularly significant. The change is usually spurred by a horrific child abuse case or a push from local …
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