Mo. Teen Described as Thrill Killer by Prosecutors


Mo. teen described as thrill killer by prosecutors – JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri teenager who confessed to murdering a young neighbor girl faces the possibility of life in prison when she’s sentenced Wednesday morning. Alyssa Bustamante, 18, was described by prosecutors as a thrill killer who lacked remorse and by defense attorneys as a disturbed child who deserved the chance to be set free one day. The trial’s conclusion follows days of testimony in a small courtroom in Missouri’s capital city. Proceedings descended into chaos Tuesday as prosecutor Mark Richardson was making an impassioned, final plea for a lifelong sentence for Bustamante, who pleaded guilty to murdering 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten in October 2009. Bustamante’s grandmother and grandfather stormed out of the courtroom. That prompted Bustamante — who had been staring blankly downward as Richardson recounted her crime — to begin silently crying for the first time in her court proceedings that have spanned more than two years. Then as Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce announced that she would reveal her sentence on Wednesday, Elizabeth’s grandmother interrupted and cried out from her wheelchair. “I think Alyssa should get out of jail the same day Elizabeth gets out of the grave!” declared the grandmother, whom a prosecutor later identified as Sandy Corn. The disorder capped what was an emotional, two-day sentencing hearing highlighted by repeated references to words Bustamante — then age 15 — had written in her diary on the night she strangled


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8 Responses to Mo. Teen Described as Thrill Killer by Prosecutors

  • 1814dreadyhead says:

    Many are saying? the same as you are.

  • tigerlilypurple90 says:

    No way should she live. I usually have compassion, but not? for people are clearly deranged. She is a dangerous sociopath!

  • 2good2lookat says:

    Prozac+ a person predisposed to violence not good…This person if she gets out of prison will most likely kill again because she is prone to violence. Let’s all hope that she never gets out of jail. There has been a lot of children? that were abandoned people that survived the holocaust, have been in war and don’t act in such way. This person is genetically predisposed to violence.

  • 1814dreadyhead says:

    Wow what a outcome if she gets? out.. Thanks for sharing.

  • pewsterbaby says:

    35 years before possibility of parole. She’ll be in her 50’s & have known nothing but incarceration at? that time. Her development will stagnate in prison. If she ever gets out, she’ll be an empty shell unable to identify and/or cope with the intricacies of adult society. She’s screwed. Thanks for the video upload.

  • misledmsd says:

    yeah…sick and evil. and Now they wanna say that the Prozac made her do it…that’s a bunch of bs…totally not true…they’ll use anything to get people out of crimes… I can see people doing stupid things from the effects of these crazy strong drugs…but as far as craving to kill another human being and do more than one thing to this poor 9 year old is beyond what a drug would do. Plus, what the hell is the parents problem putting her on this drug. Prozac is for? adults or at least should be

  • misledmsd says:

    Isn’t it sick…evil “thing” put her away for life…and Prozac made her do it?!?! That’s nothing but bs?

  • clintonearlwalker says:

    It just came across the news wire that Bustamante got life with the possibility of parole plus a consecutive 30 year sentence. It will probably be a good many years before she will get a chance at parole. Both her? family and the Olten family declined to talk to the media. It’s pretty damn sad that they keep giving Prozac to kids like it’s candy.

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