My Story on Drug Abuse. Hopefully a Message for Teens.


My story on drug abuse. hopefully a message for teens. – Just my story on my experiences with drugs first hand and the people around me who were on them.


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Maia Campbell talks drug addiction | – by bornchozen (VOICE OF THE PEOPLE)


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RT @s2smag: Watch a preview of @MaiaCampbell on Iyanla’s “Fix My Life.” Is she still in denial about her drug addiction? … – by SexyDanika21 (Danika)


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RT @s2smag: Watch a preview of @MaiaCampbell on Iyanla’s “Fix My Life.” Is she still in denial about her drug addiction? … – by K1ngByrd (Byrd Clements)


21 Responses to My Story on Drug Abuse. Hopefully a Message for Teens.

  • Brandyn Silva says:

    Thank you for this. I have to make a drug abuse PSA for my school’s news bulletin and I couldn’t do it without this.?

  • ladyfelonx3 says:

    Please go to my channel and watch my story of being an? addict

  • aci16 says:

    Im 22 and have had? my own drug problems anyway your so strong for sharing this syay soner 🙂

  • Michele Daffron says:

    Thanks for sharing your story on the disease of addiction. I think your an inspiration to many. I too am an addict but I am not using heroin or pills anymore and haven’t for 9 years. I am on the stupid Methadone program and can’t seem to get off the stuff. I recently got into more legal trouble so I know I am going to be? going to jail very soon. I also take xanax with the meth so when I do take the pills I feels as if I am invincible. I am seeking help now so please pray for me. Thanks!!

  • macyd321 says:

    I love you. thanks for? sharing.

  • chris dickison says:

    thank you for your words, I have been dealing with and still am dealing with addiction… im at the point of feeling I way? out

  • MahNamezSketchy says:

    think about it the people that are making these drugs dont care who it? hurts/kills they just want money D:

  • rachel homa says:

    I’m happy for you and wish you all the best. Your a beautiful, young and very smart girl. Don’t go backwards… please keep moving? Ahead!! Thank you <3

  • GlobberThree000 says:

    I’m glad you didn’t fuck with pills..well from what I heard and downers and alcohol will fuck your life up quick…what do I know..I smoke drink here and there,and waiting for prescription of? pain killers…hopefully they work and I won’t need ganja..I just want a life :l I’m happy for you yo,keep it up

  • seanthamaster says:

    Wow, using language like that? Calling people names? On a mental level, I don’t think you even have the maturity to? stay sober.

  • Faith Gonzalez says:

    first time i drank i was prob. 10 i didnt start actually drinking till i was 12 stared overdosing at 11 and smoking at 11 or 12 man one time i came home from school and i was mad i went to my room n took lso much asprin n bendril that i? passed out 10 mins later . never been coaght my mom doesnt beliveve me . been sober since mid july im 13 nd ive been through more than i wish

  • Kidfirerock says:

    your so? preetyyyy

  • RonPaulGaryJohnson says:

    you sound like you’re from? the mid-atlantic

  • rodriguez254ps3cod says:

    Come to quincy,wa all the kids are high? from 3rd grade-12th grade

  • Kate Cooper says:

    Girl you are so strong! You went thru hell and now? you’re sober! Go girl!

  • Buff Blogger says:

    Congrats to you for your? life change. Amazing story & well spoken.

  • MrBignastyfart says:


  • TheGamingResistance says:

    btw alcohol is a very? deadly drug

  • TheGamingResistance says:

    Stick with weed and psychedelics? and you’ll be good.

  • Tracy Flowers says:

    wtf fuck is your prob bich ass lady u? eat shit

  • Kellycostapereira1 says:

    I had a hard time with the white stuff. I just? couldnt go clubbing without it. I realized i had to change my environment and of course friends that did it. If friends dont understand yur reasons for the lifestyle change then FUCK EM. I respect u so much girl<3

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