Need Legal Advice With Child Whom Is Deaf Living With Biological Father in Missouri?

Question by Pattie F: Need legal advice with child whom is deaf living with biological father in Missouri?
This child’s father has full custody but biological mother in Arkansas still has visitation rights. Recently child was placed in foster home without mothers consent/notification because of drug use in home. Does DHS in state of Missouri have this right without notification of other parent? Child was placed in home(Foster care does not know sign language, Mother was told that they can communicate with pen and paper)

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Answer by thylawyer
If the father had sole physical and legal custody, MO DHS probably can defend their action, though I suspect MO’s regulations would require them to place the child with a relative if possible.

The unanswered question is, why was the mother’s legal custody cut off, if it was?

Most deaf persons would regard having to use paper and pen to communicate as barbaric, but if there was no time to locate an Ameslan-speaking foster parent, it would be understandable. You do not state if the mother uses signing.

If possible, someone should get in touch with the lawyer appointed for the child, or get a lawyer to represent the child and another for the mother. Don’t wait too long.

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