New Substance Abuse Program Helps Rehab Female Offenders


New Substance Abuse Program Helps Rehab Female Offenders – CDCR launched a new “Trauma Informed Substance Abuse Treatment” Program this year for women at the Leo Chesney Community Correctional Facility. These were the first 200 positions of 2000 that are being placed across California.


State Report Notes Growing Prescription Drug Abuse Problem

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One woman nearing the end of treatment at an Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) program in Cedar Rapids didn't find the statistics surprising. She said her reason for abusing prescription pain killers is the same reason a lot of drug addicts cite for …
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Teens in America Need Immediate Help with Drug Abuse | Drug Rehab Treatment Programs – by Rehab_Programs (Drug Rehab Program)


4 Responses to New Substance Abuse Program Helps Rehab Female Offenders

  • squirrelsrock85 says:

    It’s so sad they closed down Leo Chesney. This? program helped the women who went through there. Goodbye Leo Chesney! 09/30/2011 was your final day, maybe you will re-open….

  • mbracevt says:

    I think this is a great program that more states should offer. What good does it do to send an addict to prison where they are going? to get no treatment and not know that there is a better way of life for them? Studies have shown that addicts who get treatment in jail are less likely to reoffend, this should be nationally offered for women as well as men. Honestly it’s simple economics and common sense.

  • Lordkrause1 says:

    This information is now outdated, the Leo Chesney Center now goes up to 60 months for? a inmate and has increased the security level of the facility from level 1 to 2, to levels 1,2, and 3. TI-Sat also has been totally redesigned since then, and the facility can hold up to 318 not 200.

  • NRubinstein1 says:

    The state of California is remiss in not creating more opportunities for low-level female offenders. These programs will eventually SAVE taxpayer money and reduce recidivism. The women’s prisons in Calfornia are Level 4 hells, and are a horrible place for low-level offenders and their families. It also costs us so much more than these places do. NRubinstein, VSPW Inmate? Family Council volunteer

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