Nitro: Scott Steiner and Buff Call Out Mark McGwire


Nitro: Scott Steiner and Buff call out Mark McGwire – Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell rag on Mark McGwire on Nitro in St. Louis before Starrcade ’99.


From Twitter:

“@ShawnBalint: Somehow I’ve become the Kenny Powers of St Louis radio.” because of your mullet? Or drug use? Or inflated sense of self? – by raylytle (Ray Lytle)


12 Responses to Nitro: Scott Steiner and Buff Call Out Mark McGwire

  • MobKnowledge says:

    Thes two could? draw heat unlike anyone else.

  • aitraining says:

    Some of u guys r such marks and don’t get wresting heel irony promos. It doesn’t matter if Steiner and Buff took steroids. We know they did. No shit sherlock. The point of the bit was to get heat from the St Louis crowd and f with their HR hero Mark Mcquire at his peak….and it worked. The crowd bood the shit out of them and that was the point. I thought the bit was hysterical. ?

  • aitraining says:

    ? LOL!

  • aitraining says:

    I love the little NWO sign on the bicycle :)?

  • aitraining says:

    These guys were a riot together. Drove the crowds crazy.? N….W….O

  • BullRonin says:

    “Well hell yes I’m a redneck… i live in St.? Louis don’t I?”
    Too f’n funny.

  • Deeky74 says:

    @CountryRoadTrip You quit watching wrestling back in the? 90s cause you couldn’t afford your cable bill!!

  • PeeboTyson says:

    Steiner is just mad “McGwire” didn’t offer him any of? his Androstene.

  • 1RadicalDreamer says:

    Ima roid the shit out of myself to look? like BIG POPPA PUMP!

  • STRGATE7 says:

    steiner called him? “mike mcgwire’

  • aitraining says:

    5:45 “as far as the NWO’s concerned, St. Lous just plain…. sucks!”? LMFAO!

  • aitraining says:

    ? Terrible? These promos were great.

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