I Have a Rehab Question?

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I am a 24 year old woman who has battled with drug and alcohol addiction for about 7 years. I have gotten in some trouble with the law (DUI and possension of various drugs) over the last year. I have finally agreed to go into a rehabilitation center ( I live outside of Chicago) and I am having trouble finding places that best suite me. I have tried out patient therapy and counseling over the years but they don’t really seem to help me. My family wants to get me into a sober living facility but I am not exactly sure what I am looking for. Is there any website or phone number I can call to help better figure out what would work best for me. Any suggestions will help. Thank you

Overcoming Drug Addiction: Darren’s Recovery Story


Overcoming Drug Addiction: Darren’s Recovery Story – When Danny returned home from his deployment, things were different. He felt disconnected from his old friends. Eventually, he started to use drugs. When he …


The Redemption of Gerald Hankerson

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In prison, Grisby had transformed, availing himself of a self-help program that he says made him realize he had something to offer. What he represented to Hankerson was a father figure—something the younger man, abandoned at birth by his drug-addicted …
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What Type of Program Would You Develop for Parents Who Have Abused Thier Child/children?

Question by Cassie C: what type of program would you develop for parents who have abused thier child/children?
What type of program would you develop for parents who have abused their child/children?

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sentence of death

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College Drug Abuse – In my junior year (2010) at Eckerd College I made a short film for Professor Dobbins’ Analytical and Persuasive Writing class. My intention was to bring atte…


Mental Health & Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Featured Announcement


Mental Health & Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Featured Announcement – Noopur Agarwal, Vice President, Public Affairs, MTV Ginny Ehrlich, CEO, Clinton Health Matters Initiative Rita Fabi, Manager, Policy Programs, Facebook J ohn…


Amy Winehouse “Rehab (Live)”


Amy Winehouse “Rehab (live)” – Amy performing her hit “Rehab” at a 2007 award show.


Parents seek naloxone to help their adult kids

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Casey's Law, which was enacted in 2004, allows a parent or loved one of an adult addict to seek a court-ordered treatment. Wright told Engel that Sizemore is on a waiting list to enter the WRAP House, which is the Women's Residential Addiction Program, …
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36 Spine Surgeons Performing Artificial Disc Replacement Featured

Signs of Painkiller Abuse


Signs of Painkiller Abuse – How do you know if you or a loved one is abusing painkillers or other prescription medications? Watch Dr. David Sack talk about the warning signs of prescrip…