Places in NYC Where I Can Get a Piercing Without Parent?

Question by Kitti3x: Places in NYC where I can get a piercing without parent?
I want to get my belly button pierced. I’m under 18.
I heard of Whatever Tattoo and Addiction NYC. Do they card you? Are they good? Are they illegal?
If you know one preferably Brooklyn or Manhattan only please lol thank you!!!

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Answer by Nonnie22
The last thing those places want is trouble with the state! Why would anyone jeopardize their means of making a living to satisfy your desire to have your body pierced? And if a law enforcement agency didn’t catch them in the act, your mom or dad could turn them in.

There’s a reason for laws like this. If you really want a piercing you’ll still want it when you’re 18.

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  • Georgie says:

    I’m not sure how old you have to be to be professionally pierced in the US, but in the UK it’s 16.
    Any place that pierces you underage is illegal, and is therefore less reliable. If they pierce underage people without parental consent they could easily be slacking on an important part of business, i.e. sterilisation.
    Make sure you go to a reliable place or at least wait until you’re of age, because with body modification you get what you pay for, and you really need to be extra careful. Waiting a few years is better than having a horrible scar on your stomach, and navel piercing scars really aren’t nice.

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