Please Help Need a List of Free Outpatient for Drug Abuse in Springfield Missouri? ASAP Thank You?

Question by : please help need a list of free outpatient for drug abuse in springfield missouri? ASAP thank you?
my husband has to go to outpatient treatment for the welfare over our kids there are making him go and we cant find any free places in springfield he decided his kids were more important than weed if someone has any info. that would be really great also you could email me at [email protected] god bless every body and pray for us thank you.
thay told him he had to go or else he quit for 2 weeks one time and started back up so i don’t think he can quit on his own
thay told us thay was going to test us any time its deen a year sence thay told us he did not think thay were one day thay called him and told him to go to the sigma house for a piss test i’m glad i don’t somke thay even made him pay for it he tryed glutten the stuff thay use for canning food it did’not work i told him the easyest way is to quit i’ts not loosing your kids over i know its hard i think when you have kids you should give all of that stuff up

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Answer by Rob
the problem isnt that pot is addictive its that its a lifestyle like some people play music or sports people smoke weed its easy to quit yourself you just have to commit to the change you have to stop talking to people hew are stoners and living the life after a week or two of not smoking you start to realise that their are things in life you like besides just getting high and watching dumb movies and making stupid jokes

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RT @aaronbaker50: @ypngdotcom @brentteichman @Mommentator we test welfare recips in Missouri suspected of drug abuse by case worker. Passed last year. – by ypngdotcom (Chris Mundy)


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@ypngdotcom @brentteichman @Mommentator we test welfare recips in Missouri suspected of drug abuse by case worker. Passed last year. – by aaronbaker50 (Aaron Baker)


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Missouri needs prescription drug monitoring: Prescription drug abuse is a prevalent problem and as one of only t… – by ARCpointRkHill (ARCpoint Rock Hill)