Police Brutality by Dare Officer Heil in Lees Summit Missouri


Police Brutality By Dare Officer Heil in Lees Summit Missouri – This choking by hand and knee by the Training and technique Officer Heil was determined to be appropriate force used!! by Capt Taylor and Chief of Police. Why Do any of these cops still have jobs including The Chief!! All Charges were dropped by the prosecution!! wrongful arrest football baseball city council


Smokeless tobacco marketing towards tweens

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“When you do use tobacco at an early age, you are more likely to become addicted to alcohol and cocaine later on. It opens up the addiction pathway.” And it's not just nicotine mints making a presence with the tween crowd. There is chewing gum laced …
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A matter of life and meth: Drug has tragic consequences

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p><p>&#x93;When you see somebody on meth, they might have been an OK person,&#x94; said domestic violence counselor Mary Ann Allen in Poplar Bluff, Mo., &#x93;but now they&#x92;re crazy.&#x94;</p><p>Like the Las Vegas woman, strung out on meth, who …
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Thai rehab center shows British rocker Pete Doherty the door after alleged

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Doherty, who has fronted the bands Babyshambles and The Libertines, has struggled for years with drug abuse, especially heroin. He has visited Thailand in sunnier circumstances, taking a beach holiday in Phuket during the 2006-2007 New Year's holiday …
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13 Responses to Police Brutality by Dare Officer Heil in Lees Summit Missouri

  • dick smack says:

    How much did u get from these assholes? Way? to go buddy!!!!

  • misskaren17 says:

    wow… that makes lees summit? look real good

  • gigiobomb says:

    Tubbygoose you pulled him?

  • rr8151960 says:

    Remember they are supposed to be working for us …you know the American tax? payer. How long are we going to sit by and allow this? Disgusting pig should lose his job…NOW.

  • 089coolkid says:


  • LSTIGERS06 says:

    they did the same shit to me when I was fifteen? and choked the shit out me

  • giliobonds says:

    Thank you for your comment But after a little investigation I have come? to conclusion that Tubbygoose gets her paycheck from the Lee’s Summit Police department or sleeps with the puckes !!! Why after 1700 Hits on this Video is “she” the only one to make a negative comment on this injustice!!!

  • jnr8877 says:

    Tubbygoose when you defend devils like these you too are guilty of the crime. No more will we tolerate devils in uniform. The time is come to expose? these evil natured beasts and allow real men and women who have compassion and can judge righteously to put on the uniform.


  • 22Casey says:

    File your federal law suit and RICO law suit

    GOOGLE”Gipson vs Gov Jay Nixon et al”?

  • rewya999 says:

    I KNOW this fucker, last time my buddy’s? dad beat the shit out of him officer Heil told him he deserved it

  • mrmattstone1967 says:

    Gilio..not sure how much more compliant you could have been. Tubbygoose has to be one of those cops or is watching the video thru a? brail reader. What a dumbass..protect themselves?..they really looked like they(means more than 1) were in danger from you Gilio.

  • giliobonds says:

    Thats Ok? I got paid for nothing then You puke of a Pig !! 🙂

  • tubbygoose says:

    This is not brutality. The fucktard is resisting arrest, and the officers have an obligation to protect themselves and their partners in situations such as this. It? seems to me if you DONT want to be roughed up by a cop, the best thing to do would be to comply with what they ask you to do. If you are “innocent” (ha. They dont waste their time “picking on rich kids.” ) then do what you are asked and contest it in court.
    Lifeless body? Please. he’s back up on his feet by 00.38 seconds.

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