Relationship Advice.?

Question by Jordan: Relationship Advice.?
Me and my partner met a year ago, we fell in love, and it seemed the happiest I ever was. I moved to Texas from Missouri 3 months after we met, we’ve been together since, however these days it seems as though we have more and more trouble communicating, I’m at fault for part of the problem going through a drug addiction relapse within the past 6 months, he has been supportive of it, now I have worked past that issue, now we are planning on opening a new business venture together with some business partners, he hounds me 24/7 and has since the business venture came along, It’s getting to the point he’s burning me out, and I’ve tried telling him to back off, any suggestions?

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Answer by darealqueen
It will take you a long time to regain his trust. I feel you have a Strong relationship going here. Probably the first three years are the hardest. Hang in there, I am sure will will make it together.

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