Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday (Part 2 of 3): Healthcare, Glenn Beck, Drug Rehab


Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday (Part 2 of 3): Healthcare, Glenn Beck, Drug Rehab – In part 2 of 3 of Chris Wallace’s interview with Rush Limbaugh, he asked Rush about healthcare reform. Rush said that it’s an attempt by the government to steal 1/6 of the private sector economy and take control. Once they get control of healthcare, they will be able to make more decisions about how we run our lives. Rush does not think individual mandates, forcing Americans to purchase health insurance, is constitutional. Wallace also asks Rush about the success of Glenn Beck. Rush also discussed his efforts to buy an NFL franchise, the St. Louis Rams, and how the Obama campaign played a role. Wallace also asked him about his statement that going to drug rehab was the best thing that ever happened to him.


St. Louis 3, Detroit 1: Jake Westbrook's 'terrific' 5-hitter shuts down Tigers

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Friday is Amanda Gordon's one-year anniversary of being clean from heroin and prescription drugs, a…- 1:52 am …. Avila, who has been out with hamstring strain, concluded his three-game rehab stint at Triple-A Toledo by going 1-for-3 as the DH. He …
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Allmendinger suspended following failed drug test

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From Yahoo! Sports: DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — NASCAR temporarily suspended driver AJ Allmendinger for a failed drug test, forcing Penske Racing officials to scramble to get Sam Hornish Jr. to the track before Saturday night's race at Daytona …
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17 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Fox News Sunday (Part 2 of 3): Healthcare, Glenn Beck, Drug Rehab

  • schmittygirl98 says:

    He’s a brave man to admit all of that about himself in front of millions? of viewers. That’s raw honesty, right there.

  • 150grnballistictip says:

    People who don’t want religious institutions taking care of the needy are not really atheist. Government is their golden calf, but it can’t create. Your? high priest Barrack is wrecking your religion…

  • courtland2012 says:

    easy! we win they lose? hahaha my god, someone put this? dude on a COP in Kandahar province for a year plz.

  • SteveSbc406 says:

    1st off, in my last post I meant health issus (plural)

    Now, dont get me wrong, I believe that if someone is truly in need, that it’s right for others who are capable, to help them. Again however, I dont believe that the government should force them to, which is what government healthcare does

    The truth of the matter is? that there are very few out there who truly CANT afford healthcare. The majority of those without it, don’t have it because they’d rather spend their money on other things

  • SteveSbc406 says:

    Ok, everyone “DESERVES” healthcare, but the question is,? does the government have the right to “FORCE” you (and when I say “you,” I mean you specifically) to pay for your neighbor’s healthcare? Because on a grander scale, that’s precisely what government healthcare does.

    No person deserves anything that they didn’t earn. I’m 39 years old, am broke, have no health insurance, and have some serious health issue, but I would “NEVER” expect someone else to go to work and pay for my care.

  • rich1azb says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a huge part of what? is wrong with this country, wait a minute the supreme court is really what’s wrong in this country.

  • DDTphoenix says:

    Obama might night be? perfect but he is a step up from Bush

  • TheBZWRESTLING says:

    you are right the only reason the right is against us in Afghanistan is because george? w bush or regan didnt sign the order

  • Homework04 says:

    Conservative?????? Married half a dozen of times…you call conservative to a hypocrite guy like this?! What the f****!? Rush, you are a pure liberal inside your skin, when it comes to money then you address as a conservative or Christian….sicko!

  • mikentosh says:

    Joe Biden authored the fucking Patriot Act.
    The truth? is the new Hate Speech

  • multitalentino says:

    During Obama’s SECOND TERM, gay marriage equality will be the law of the land.

    Rush will probably still loathe himself enough to keep marrying women who soon? after divorce the closeted fatass.

  • Homework04 says:

    Rush is an ass! He is one of the reason I vote the? opposite and many people do.

  • RealTime88 says:

    Why do Republicans? proclaim to love it and then say they want to take amendments away?

  • RealTime88 says:

    @Slayerfan84 Assholes were paid? NOT to deal with it.

  • RealTime88 says:

    I remember that day. I was very happy over that? hard thought battle that took 100 years to fight. Obama 2012!!!

  • RealTime88 says:

    At least they aren’t fucking sheep!! They? may be angry SOB’s but at least they don’t hold anything back.

  • RealTime88 says:

    Are? you trying to tell me healthcare in America is GREAT?

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