Shopping Addiction – a Solution


Shopping Addiction – A Solution – Shopping Addiction is a serious problem. Being Addicted to Shopping has many costs, not just financial. Often it is relationships that are hurt most by Shopping Addictions. offers solutions from someone who has been there. Jill Chivers had such a problem, she had converted a spare bedroom into a walk in wardrobe. Jill undertook a challenge to go ‘A Year Without Clothes Shopping’. As a result she complete changed her relationship to Consumption and shopping, saved thousands of dollars and has now launched a program to help other compulsive shoppers. http has great information and resources to help get started on the path to cure a Shopping Addiction. Transcription: Speaker 1: If your closet is overloaded with clothes that still have tags on, or if you’ve converted an entire bedroom to a walk-in wardrobe, you might be a shop-a-holic. Speaker 2: Do you have an uncontrollable urge to shop or can’t resist a sale, even if you know you can’t afford it? Speaker 3: Could you go without buying clothes for an entire year? There’s a question for you. Speaker 4: One Aussie woman decided that her addiction to buying more items to stuff into her already overcrowded wardrobe was ruining her life. Speaker 5: It’s a challenge many would find near impossible, but one woman says that she’s giving up shopping for an entire year. Speaker 6: From shopaholic to money saving money saving crusader, over spender to under spender. Jill Chivers has done what many men and women


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RT @AltruisticAtha: Forever have an addiction to shopping online for jewelry. Cant help it – by danidelovely (Danidoll)


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Forever have an addiction to shopping online for jewelry. Cant help it – by AltruisticAtha (Franny)


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To help maintain my shopping addiction. – by TakeItSleaazy (J O ? N N E )


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