The Court System I Feel Has Been Harassing Me and I Would Like to Know if There Is Anything I Can Do.?

Question by jackdaniel182: The court system I feel has been harassing me and I would like to know if there is anything I can do.?
Two and a half years ago I recieved a Dui and a posession of marijuana ticket. I had 3 beers and wasnt even aware i was intoxicated but blew a 0.9 and a guy i was studying with gave me a little piece of marijuana (less than a joint). I understand that I was wrong here and this was the only major crime ive ever been charged with. I completed all 3 of my classes that I was told to complete and did all my drug testing for a year and passed every time. I was offered a job in St Louis and exepted and properly told my probation officer and she said to call her when I got down there.I contacted her 3 to 4 times down there and each time she told me she didnt have records of drug testing places there and she would call me back and she never would return my calls. I returned to michigan a year later and was pulled over and jailed because of a probation violation. when I went to court they made me take a drug test which they said i failed so they reinstated my marijuana charge and sentenced me to a week in jail, restricted my license, and made me pay another $ 800.00. When I was released I was pulled over driving from work and they said I had a suspended license which I was never told about and I havent even recieved my letter from the secratary of state. When I did recieve it it did tell me that the first month it was suspended by i was never notified. My lawyer said they cant charge you without notification so we faught it in a trial. I brought the postmarked envelopes dated from monday the 27 proving my innocense but secretary of state lied and said it was sent friday the 24th even though i had then postmarked envalopes to prove it. This ran me another $ 1000.Then shortly after that I was pulled over doing nothing wrong was abiding speed limit. wearing a seatbelt and then my veicle and myself were completly illegally searched and i was now given a driving on a ristricted license ticket. I have never been charged with anything until the Dui I do not use drugs and I fallow the law but i feel I have just been done wrong. This all has cost me 10 to 15000 dollars not counting the driver responsibility fees of $ 500 a year that now with the suspended license charge will have to be paid for 4 years consumed all my savings prevented me from doing my line of work since I cant get a cdl. If anyone can give me advice that could help me please do this has totally ruined my life and I always thought the job of the courts was to help people to do better after a crime not keep them in the system so they can continually charge them with more.

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15 Responses to The Court System I Feel Has Been Harassing Me and I Would Like to Know if There Is Anything I Can Do.?

  • LetMeTasteYa says:

    No single egyptian can trace their ancestry back to the 4th dynasty. it has to be a LIE. However the ONLY people who are to trace their lineage back to the pharaohs of the 18th,19th,20th and 21rst are the BISHARIN families from? the west bank of ASWAN. And They are ALL black.

  • MissBlissfull1 says:

    Myself and others had a hard time finding much good info about Bedouin at the time.Info seemed scarce.So you have all the know..lucky? you! I am
    Just a question …how off would it have been to do Egyptian/Middle Eastern dance as a Bedouin?

  • MissBlissfull1 says:

    That’s tight…I once in a pre? 1600 history re-enactment history club played a character that was Bedouin!

  • SuperLloyd3 says:

    Well! Because the Africans people origins are in the Nile Valley! Also some modern egyptians deepest ancestry are the african people, and a lot of European as well! plus I? have Bedouin cousins and their deepest ancestral origins are the Nubian people.

  • MissBlissfull1 says:

    Lloyd,How can you be 100 % sure of that ,,,hmmm…lol?
    You could be right ,but maybe not?

  • SuperLloyd3 says:

    Good? morning!

  • KnowThySelf373 says:

    Good morning Lloyd? ; )

  • SuperLloyd3 says:

    The only only Egyptians that can trace their? ancestry to ancient egypt are the ones wit african ancestry! And the only reason your saying that is because the caucasions have failed placing their ancestry there! Original Egyptians come from the Nile Valley jus like the rest of the African tribes! Your not fooling anyone!! You wanna be African scholar.

  • Malsipots says:

    There? are Egyptians today that can trace their ancestry back to the 4th dynasty and they don’t look black?

  • SuperLloyd3 says:


  • SuperLloyd3 says:

    @missblissful1? Huh! Yeah!! After the fact!

  • MissBlissfull1 says:

    I think some people just want the answer to why there have been long red,straight haired/blond straight haired mummies found as well as wigs in some of the tombs .Personally, I would love to know why it is odd.It deserves to be looked into.If they are white(those particular mummies) of coarse white people want to try? to figure out why they were there and what role did they play in society,big or small.

  • MissBlissfull1 says:

    Lloyd, Celts knew about metal smelting.Whether? or not they were responsible all or in part for anything in Egypt may be an entirely different story though.

  • Anointed012 says:

    @TheHorsenation , I think you have me confused with someone else i dont use the weak term craker it doesnt have enough power? for my use.

  • TheHorsenation says:

    You’re right. the bust has a pretty dark skintone. I used is because both are from a somewhat similar angle. The color of the bust is not the issue here, I have shown Tut in all colors from white? to black.

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