The Seed Indeed- Part 1


The Seed Indeed- Part 1 – The Seed was an experimental drug rehabilitation program located in Broward and Dade county Florida in the 70’s. The Seed was operated by Art Barker who was a recovering alcoholic and failed stand up comedian. Using some of the basic principles of AA and incorporating peer pressure group-cult techniques, he manipulated many parents into submitting their children into a program with no proven results. Run by former drug addicts and court ordered felons, the program quickly lost its financial support when the exaggerated claims of success were made public and questions about the programs methods came under scrutiny. The Seed is believed to be one of the predecessor for various other gulag type drug rehabs which abuse and mistreat young children all around the country including Straight,Inc.,Kids helping Kids and Pathway Family Center, which are all shut down The video is archived television footage provided by Florida Moving Image Archives Miami-Dade Public Library.


Felons find restoring right to vote a harder task now

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Jones is undergoing drug treatment at Haven Recovery Center in DeLand. After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jones was … The Sentencing Project, a national nonprofit research organization, released a report in July highlighting Florida as one of the …
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For Many Florida Ex-Cons, Voting Booth Is Off-Limits

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Four times each year in the state capital, Tallahassee, Florida Gov. Rick Scott sits in a windowless basement room full of convicted felons. Robbers, sexual molesters, drunk drivers, drug traffickers and others walk to the lectern, one by one, to ask …
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2 Responses to The Seed Indeed- Part 1

  • 1stchyenne7 says:

    wow is there a facebook page of this? I moved back to chicago after the seed and it was really something else to live a life after that.. would love to share with? like minded people. I was at the racetrack one 1973…

  • Justmeeeee2 says:

    This is sooooo ridiculous (like reefer madness exageration) that? if it hadn’t harmed so many people it would be roll on the floor hilarious instead of just plain sad :o(

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