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Truck Accident Lawyer Kansas City, MO | Truck Accident … – Call 1-800-773-6770 to speak to a real truck accident lawyer. Also visit us at: Truck accidents involving Alcohol and Drug abuse is a serious problem in Missouri. Truck accidents involving serious injury are terrible occurrences in the lives of the families involved. In Kansas City, Missouri, MO wrongful death along truck routes and interstates and burn injuries suffered from a truck accident forever change familys lives. The Texas based attorneys at Gordon & Elias LLP can serve clients throughout Missouri, including Kansas City, with serious injury cases involving truck accidents. The accident lawyers at Gordon & Elias LLP have a network of nationwide big rig accident lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases involving truck crashes. Tractor trailer and 18 wheeler crashes are a horrible occurrence. If you were involved in a truck crash or suffered a semi trucking injury call Gordon & Elias LLP today.


Don't flush old pills; bring them to Drug Takeback

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Medications that stay in home medicine cabinets are highly susceptible to misuse and abuse. So, on September 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Macon Police Department is holding a drug takeback at the C&R Supermarket parking lot in Macon, Missouri.
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Bagley attorney wants sex evidence excluded in sex slave case

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While acknowledging those sex acts were consensual, prosecutors cited Missouri law that says consent is not a defense against abuse when serious bodily injury is involved. The Bagleys were involved in bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism, …
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Fall/Halloween events 2012

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The Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department along with Mobil, Pioneer Market & Pick 'Ur Own, and Southeast Missouri Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition are proud to offer the 2nd Annual Halloween Hoopla at the Shawnee Park Center.
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